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Dear all,

I am from Hong Kong and want to move to Bangkok. I haven't find a job there yet. My travel document can only allow me to stay in Thailand for 30 days each time. If I cannot get a working permit, I have to keep travelling every month, to leave then re-enter to Thailand. I would like to know what is the most convenient, effective and lowest cost solution for this situation? Where is the closest city from Bangkok, to leave and re-enter?  How to stay in Bangkok for longer if do not have a working permit?

Any recommendation will be highly appreciated!

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Hi Kirsty,  I would be talking to Bangkok Buddys Immigration Agents i am sure they will be able to help you.  Go to google, they are in the centre of Bangkok.  I am sure you will be surprised of the service.  Regards. lampost

Dear Lampost,

Thanks for your reply and assistance. I will listen to any recommendation and advice, also will keep looking for a job in Bangkok. Thank you!

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Hi Kirsty, I have a contact for if you wish to use. *** office number *** Regards. Lampost.        Ho knows one day we may meet

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Hi Kristy,
               I suggest before you travel to Thailand, go to the Thai Embassy in Hong Kong and apply for a 60 day tourist visa, this will save you money on a visa run. You can also extend your 60 day tourist visa in Bangkok either at the airport or immigration office, I think you can extend your visa by 7 or maybe 15 days. I just looked at Bangkok Buddy's website and they charge 2,400 baht per visa run. It is easy to do a visa run by yourself, you can go by plane, train or road into Malaysia, Cambodia or Laos. Bangkok to Poipet (Cambodia) by train is a nice and cheap journey, you can get a Cambodian visa before you travel at the Cambodian Embassy or at the border. Bangkok to Sadao (Malaysia) by train is also nice and cheap, the immigration post is at the train station. Flying is more expensive but very quick, any return to Bangkok from another country will get you another 30 day tourist visa.

Dear lampost,

Thanks for your help! I'll have a look at bangkok buddy website. Thank you!

Best Regards,

Dear Vern1970,

Thank you for your reply. For HK passport, it is allowed to stay in Thailand for 30 days without visa. If I go to HK embassy to extend my visa, I don't know what reason and supporting document I have to provide them, also I cannot check the price for extend the tourist visa in HK.

Thank you for your information about Cambodia and Malaysia. Yes, by plane is expensive if I keep travelling every month to extend my visa. I visit the Bangkok buddy website, they have road trip to Cambodia for extend the visa, I may try this one if I cannot get any other permit/visa to long stay in Bangkok. Thank you!

Best regards,

Yes, British passport also gets 30 day visa on arrival but you can pay for a 60 day tourist visa at the Thai Embassy in HK, no questions asked, this means you can skip the first visa run, then you can extend your tourist visa at Bangkok airport or immigration office.

Hello Kristy

You can extend your exempt-visa 30 day stay by 30 days for 1900 bahts by going to immigration (I am French, and I did it sometimes).

Thing is that you have to be very cautious about visa runs since the new government arrived.... Immigration is more and more careful about that,... they dont like it.. You can do it once, mayeb twice but after a while they can refuse you to re-enter... The cheapest solutions (by land, cambodia, laos,..) are also the most dangerous as they are more scanned and you can be refused to re-enter... Have a look on Thaivisa website. many posts about this....

I used to fly away to Philippines for some days and then back.. i had no problem up to now.. but I am more and more cautious.. I just left Thailand for some months to avoid any problem when back...

You can check student visas, they are longer 6 to 12 months, but you really have to study, this is more and more checked...

Hope it will help

Dear Vern1970,

Thanks for your information. It will be a good idea if it is easy to get a 60 days tourist visa in Hong Kong.

Best Regards,

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your information. I think the safest way is to fly to another countries for a few days then return back to Thailand then can have another 30 days to stay. No one will investigate on you, but the cost is quite high for long-term. I will try different kinds of methods before I find a job and get a working permit there. Keep looking for jobs there.


kristy.k :

I think the safest way is to fly to another countries for a few days then return back to Thailand then can have another 30 days to stay. No one will investigate on you,

Immigration check all the stamps in your passport and since visa run is not allowed, you can not stay in the country by leaving and re-enter like this during a year, they can block you one day.

Get an ED Visa, or tourist visa 2 months + extension, or more expensive look for thailand elite visa...

It is better to stay in Hong Kong to find a job here, and travel if necessary, cost of living not same, but income also.

Good Luck

I dont know what you are looking for, but have a look on craigslist bangkok website, you have plenty of short erm not too much qualified job offers.
I will be back in Thailand on the 19th of august and normally should stay there 2 months.. if i can help and if you wish to meet and discuss, let me know.
All the best

ohh.. yes.. while i think about it : you could be requested by immigration to have a flight back ticket (could be a one way 50$ ticket to cambodia or whatever) and mainly 20,000 bahts or the equivalent in another currency.. they could refuse you for one of those reasons.
I am trying to have the money with me, as far as i am concerned...

Dear Lukydip,

Thank you for your reply and information. Is it easy to get ED visa, any supporting need to provide?
Yes, I will stay in Hong Kong and keep looking for a job in Bangkok. Normally I will travel to Bangkok every 1-2 months.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks Patrick! As I know, many employers would not offer working permit for a non permanent position. I applied for a job as a translator before, but the company said it is a freelance position, so cannot offer working permit to me.

You should also look in Linkedin, there are mmany jobs posted there, and through your network of contacts.

Also look at PRTR website which is recruitment and outsourcing company, they have jobs for qualified and experienced foreigners mainly in Bangkok and Chonburi ( many companies in automotive ). PRTR advertise a lot in Linkedin.

In the competition you will face, if a Thai can speak chinese, the priority will be given to the Thai, you need to highlight your experience, and the areas where you can bring  something to company here

You can also look at RSM recruitment thailand,

Good Luck

kristy.k :

Dear Lukydip,

Is it easy to get ED visa, any supporting need to provide?

For ED visa, have a look at the Thai embassy in Ventiane : http://vientiane.thaiembassy.org/upload … p;%20O.pdf

Regarding jobs, you can also look at UN vacancies in Thailand : https://unjobs.org/duty_stations/thailand

Good Luck

Oh thanks Lukydip! That's the information what I'm looking for - recruitment companies/agencies which especially for expat. job hunt. Thank you so much!!

Thanks for the visa information. I have planned to retire in Thailand when I reach 50 for my quality of life! haha!

Good jobs on JobsDB.. but forget it if you dont speak Thai and are not here..  I tried it already... The only way remaining is by netowrking... spend at least 6 months here to have a chance...

Patrick, thanks for your suggestion. I do not have encouragement to quit my job in Hong Kong then move to Bangkok without any planning/job...haha

Then.. very very little chance.. I had the same path... talked with headhunters, sent them my resume, tried to find job from abroad.. answered hundreds of ads.... forget it if you dont speak thai fluently and if you dont live here.. Your CV will go to the bin immediately.. Either find a job by networking here.. or only solution is to be sent by your company there.. if they have a subsidiary... Otherwise you will spend and lose of lot of time running after your tail... But as they say in Thailand.. : Up to you..

Hi Patrick, agree with you, I need help from job hunter and through networking. I will try to upload my cv to the recruitment company in Bangkok. Thanks!

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