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I searched but couldn't find a thread for this topic. I plan on getting married in Bangkok as soon as I possibly can. I am from the UK and my partner is Cambodian. We have been together for over ten years now and have one daughter. I have been offered a very good position in UAE but they require a marriage cert. For reasons of convenience and speed we need to come to Bangkok and get married asap so I have a chance of accepting the job.

I have read on other forums about getting married in Bangkok and how easy it, plus we have all the documentation required. But I wanted to ask if anyone could give me any advice and update me on the requirements for foreigners getting married in Thailand.

I am also looking for someone who could help with translation of documents, transportation to and from the appropriate offices, departments that we will need to visit. I know the city very well my self as I have spent many times there but It would be great to get some help and make the whole process run smoothly and stress free.

Any advice or information would be very much appreciated.


Since neither of you are Thai both will require affirmation to marry from your respective embassy's.  These documents need to be translated to Thai by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  You then present required document to Amphor office and  obtain marriage license.  You might also want that translated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to English or you native language.

The below link gives all in more detail.


thanks for your info, much appreciated.
My partner is 30yrs old and has a full passport. Will she need a birth certificate. I am not sure if they ask for this in Thailand as they do in other places.

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We got married in Vegas.I have to take the license to the US embassy in Bangkok.They have to authenticate it then take it to Thai authorities to translate,then Amper to record etc.Then need to get her A immigration visa next step green card.So many steps.

I have been planning on marrying my Cambodian girlfriend in Thailand. I am English and we have been together for eleven years now. We now have all my documents apart from the “affirmation of freedom to marry document” I can get mine in Bangkok but can my partner get her document from the Cambodian Embassy in Bangkok? I mean you can get this document online so could we do that as it would be much easier. This is the next hurdle, so I need to know info about the Cambodian embassy what they will and won't do to help.

We both live in Vietnam at the moment. She has a full passport, house book, and her birth certificate, so I believe that this document is all we need now to complete the marriage.

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