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Hi I recently registered for my own company in Thailand, the immigration lawyer took care of everything and seems to be ok. I got my work permit etc. However, at the time of registration, I used my friends house address (and was paying him 7000 baht per month for withholding tax, even though I wasn't marking a profit on my own business, the accountant said there was such a thing) because I was told in Thailand you can only use a house and not apartment/condo address for registration. Now I need to move my business address out of his place because I can't keep up paying him 7000 a month, initially I had planned to only use it for a short term 3 months or so but things didn't quiet work out the way I had planned. Has anyone else ran into similar problems? Any suggestions? I know there is "virtual office" I can rent but they are so expensive.

Can you explain why you are paying a withholding tax to your friend?

Withholding taxes are usually paid to revenue department not a friend.

You might check this link: … ng-ta.html

Because he needs to pay it to his Thai landlord who owns the address that both our businesses are registered under.

it sounds like your company and work permit is not done properly as:
DBD, Labor Dept, Immigration Dept, Revenue Dept should have taken pictures of you company business and offices - together with you and your 4 Thai staff.

If you havent set your business up properly then you risk being shut down and deported.

You say its too expensive however if you were running a real operation you would be up for rent, utilities, staff salary, your salary, tax, social security for you and the staff, phone, etc etc.

Upwards of 100,000 baht per month just to keep the doors open.

If you want to change the address then expect a visit from the Departments above.

Ya I know if I was running a business there are costs.. but at least I be earning or making a profit.. right now I've no source of income in Thailand, that's why I'm saying it's too expensive to keep it. I registered the business cos I was leasing a retail unit in a mall but the Thai property development company keeps putting it back for months and months, they can't finish the construction in time, so now I had to pull out from it and request for all my deposit back.

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