second month tourist visa expired

Hi, I'm Edoardo from Italy. I'm living in Duqm waiting for changing my visa from tourist visa to work visa. This is the problem: due the time i had to wait to make all the papers i need to get my work visa, my second month tourist visa has expired. Do you have any idea what will happen if I go to the rop asking for work visa? do they give me a fine? how much could it be? do i need to leave oman and come back? hope you can help me, Edoardo

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Hi Dr.Gonzo,

There are many points in your post which are causing concerns.

I suppose you are not working some place in Duqum on your tourist visa.

If yes, then your action is illegal. To be employed, an expatriate must necessarily be holding a valid 2-year employment visa and must necessarily be employed with the same sponsor whose name appears on the employment visa. Anything outside of this is against the labour laws of the Sultanate, which is a punishable offence.

There are a lot of first-person reports in your post.

No expatriate can do the needed paperwork regarding anything official, like processing of employment visa, visa change, applying for a resident card, et al. For one, all paperwork would have to be done in Arabic language only. And all of these are the work to be done by the sponsor / employer. Without an Omani PRO no official department would entertain any expatriate regarding these issues. So I am not sure what exactly you are talking about.

Any violation of employment rules, it is not the expatriate who would be fined but the sponsor / employer is the one who would be taken to task.

Hallo Sumitran, thank you for replying. It is not all that you mentioned. i know that i can't go straight to the police asking for a work visa as I'm asking for a tourist visa, i though it was understood.. i know, i spoke as first person and im really sorry about that! I'm not working in Duqm but just living here waiting for the work visa. We don't want violate any rules at all. I made all the analysis at the hospital, all the papers you described have been done properly as you said. The problem is that the old office Manager of this company, he is from a country that i don't remember now (Iraq or Iran i honestly don't remember), so we were waiting a sort of paper from Muscat that certify that this person no longer lives in Oman and no longer works as office manager of this company too. It took like more than one month to get this paper. What i would know is: we have all the papers now, done properly, but my 2 month tourist visa has expired. what we should expect when we ll go to the Rop asking for the work visa? Now we are just waiting for the clearance from Manpower that we should have this week (i hope) so that's why we still didn't go to Rop. Hope that now my situation is clearer. I'm asking that because I'm curious. i know that work visa and fines costs are not on me! Thanks again and sorry about the misunderstanding.
p.s. i didn't leave Oman because we thought that to get that paper would been faster..

I forgot: i know that there is a fine of 10rials per day if you are late but that is referred when you need to renew the tourist visa..

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