How to make friends in Al Ain

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Not being pessimistic but I think when we are at this stage in life (working..growing older..), "friends" is a long lost hope. Due to travelling around and being in different countries, we end up friendless. This comes with working abroad.

Hi Lauren,

I know it's been months but I hope you've settled in OK.   Did you ever find someone to toss a ball around with?  (baseball or football?)  Maybe a bike ride? 

Do you find that there are not a lot of social engagements that don't involve drinking at a hotel bar?  That's what appealed to me by your question about playing ball.

Keep in touch?


I am 2 months now in al ain I would really like to meet some guys irrespective of origin, just open minded with imagination and humour, just text me 0507858567

if anybody want friendship so contact me.

i'm moroccan and i will move soon to al ain so if we can be friends !!

yes ofcourse this is my number

hi im interested in meeting some friends in al ain.. new girl friends..
i feel bored bein alone and no ones to talk to and to hang out with.. i was living with my cousin bfore so i used to be with her all the time but unfortunately for some reason she had to go back to philippines.. and so i was left alone😞😞
i hope i can make friends..

Don't know but I love to make new frens so any one interested just reply me

Sure...u can make me fren  so how we  can contact??

Go to parks, parks, and more parks.

Personally, I love Al Wadi park where tennis is free!
They also have basketball, football, and volleyball.


Its always good to find more friends. But its very difficult to find good friends.
I am looking the difficult one.

I just moved here 4 weeks ago and I'm Emarati with my young brother , we moved for some family reasons and I feel so weird cause it's so difficult to make friends here I agree

im booring in al ain- looking for any find ship


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