Visa related stuff for marrying a pakistani man.Help?

Hey everyone,
This would probably be the most  odd post here but I do need my answers. I've  been with this great Pakistani  guy for 3 years and yes we want to get married. And sadly to make it even weirder thanks to our known history I'm  Bangladeshi  residing in Kuwait. I told my parents about this and they told me that if I married him:
I'd  lose my Bangladeshi  passport and get the Pakistani  passport.
If i ever wanted to visit Bangladesh, I'd have to enter as a FOREIGNER  with a visit visa?
Please tell me if any of this is true or not?
This is so painful losing my identity. Isnt there some other way? Please give me some expat related advice here. I dont want to sound  cliché but i love this guy a lot.

Hi , Im from Mexico married to a pakistani for 7 years .
Since I got married I never had to change my nationality , as I know changing or not nationality is a whole different process not just marrying a pakistani.

If you want to change your nationality  go over pakistan (exactly in ISLAMABAD , to the headquarters of the NADRA OFFICES), and ask in the NADRA offices your wish to change your nationality , show your marriage certificate , pay fees , other documents , etc etc etc , and a little exam.

So you see is not just that easy granted as in many countries around the world , the citizenship is not automatically granted to spouses , only for born childrens in pakistani soil . (So even if the day I have babies , if they born in mexico, they are mexicans , not pakistanis . If they born in Pakistan, they will have the automatically  pakistani citizens)

I always travel with my mexican passport , even my husband already apply for mexican citizenship , and have now his mexican passport. Because the mexican passport have less international banning and is more accepted all around the world .

He IS THE ONE WHO should change his citizenship to bangladeshi !!  :D
Honestly !!!

Good luck!

Hello Nabila ,

i will try to address your issue today, I will answer Liz later who seems to have a different  issue.

if you are really in love with this Pakistani boy, you must marry him without worrying about  passport issues.

Firstly if both of you are young , it is very likely that you will be spending next couple of years in the middle east. You can get married in Kuwait, when traveling to Pakistan, you can get a visitor's visa like wise your husband van get a Bangladeshi visa when going to your homeland.

if your husband is professionally qualified, you may  apply for Canadian or Australian residence later, most western  countries allow 'dual nationality'  and you can move and work any where in the world without any problem. :)

Hi Liz,

really liked your reply. was wondering if you are now residing in Pakistan or in Mexico?

Hope to hear from you

Hi !
Well we live in Mexico's City , only go to Pakistan for vacation ...

Hi,, there, Let me share my experience, i am Pakistani and  married to Malaysian  for 7 yrs now, but i live in Pakistan , i never wanted nor tried to change my nationality, neither i have any problem with my Pakistani nationality .its wrongly assumed by many Non Pakistani that Pakistani dont want to live in Pakistan however for economic reason many nationality migrates so Pakistani also does.
come to main topic, You as Bangladeshi may choose long term visa Pakistan offers to foreigner spouse and may live in Pakistan without changing nationality, Trust me you will love this country,,,dont be scared,,,go get marry live your life

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