Visit Visa of Pakistan for Romanian Citizen

Hi all,

My friend lives in romania and she wants to visit Pakistan. We contacted Pakistani embassy in  Bucarest but they told us " The Embassy does not entertain visa applications of single woman/women. For more information please contact Ministry of Interior, Islamabad."

We visited Ministry of Interior Islamabad website but they tell us that we need to submit application form + other documents to nearest embassy in Romania. Can anyone share their experience regarding this and tell us what is the right channel to get a visit visa of Pakistan from Romania?


Since this was your first post, could you please introduce yourself on the forum? :)

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thank you for your reply. My name is Ahad and I have recently completed Masters in Engineering from Germany. Right now having some family vacation.

Regarding your reply, Why would she need to contact romanian embassy in Islamabad? She lives in romania. But anyways, I have already contacted romanian embassy in Islamabad and they told us that they cannot grant visa to someone who is living in romania. We need to contact Pakistani embassy in romania.

Ahh yes, my mistake, my eyes deceived me so early :) Excuse me.

Actually, since this is about traveling to Pakistan, then you might address this question in the Pakistan forum or send a PM to Xeeschan our Pakistan Expert. 


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Hi ahad , I had a some experience in this situation last year but it was a quiet different , so may can I ask  you are in realtionship with that girl or just are friends,!

we want to get married in Pakistan

Hello Friends, :)

If this girl is a student in Romania, I could guide you on some official student exchange programs. My son Hasan went to Romania last  summer from Karachi for two months and some Romanian students are currently in Pakistan on Voluntary Work and multinational company  internship schemes.

I will make a humble request to you in not mis-declaring any of your or this girls intentions and plans.

If you arrange for this girl to enter Pakistan on tourist or visit visa, it will complicate your chances of legally seteling down together in any part of the world.

Your best bet would be to seek advise from a qualified immigration lawyer.

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