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I got a job offer from an IT company in Kuwait City as 3000 KWD per month.I am married,having a kid.I will have no other benefits such as housing,health insurance package,company car etc.All those will be covered from this salary.

I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts whether this salary is good enough to relocate and live in Kuwait City.

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Maybe, I'm not seeing this correctly...
- when the company says 'no health insurance', I assume they're talking about private health insurance. Government health insurance is a given with a work permit; same when your family gets dependent permits. However, it seems odd to pay a salary of KD 3000 and provide NO private health insurance.
- check if KD 3000 is what you are going to get in hand or if the company is going to make deductions and give these to you. Essentially, the question is "Is KD 3000 CTC (cost to company)? Or in hand?"

Hi jfmailspace,

Thanks for the reply.Yes,3000 KWD is the total cost to the company.So,i need to cover everything such as housing,health insurance,bills etc from this salary.I have two dependents (wife,son).What do you think about this salary?Is this average or good to grow up a kid in Kuwait?
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It is enough in any case.

Last time I was in Kuwait, You can get a decent residence for 2 Bedroom or a small villa in around KWD 200-300. Getting around is cheap as the fuel is quite cheaper, there is nothing much to do in Kuwait, hence, you have nothing more to spend. But you can get your own medical and life insurance, once you have your resident card ready. KWD 3000 is handsome package for living in kuwait.

Dear Sir
Actually 3000 KD is too much good that may make you doubt so if this salary is right and in KD not in USD it will more than satisfy

I would urge to check out a senior contributor topic (also a sticky)

One of the things that will impact expenses is school. Depending on the age of your child and which curriculum you want to send your child to, the school fees can be a few hundreds to a few thousands.

I don't think any villa for 200-300 is going to be decent (IMHO). Another spend that will vary depending on the area you choose to live in.

Unlike other places, there is no public transport to speak off. So, taxis will be your immediate mode of transportation. If the profession on you work permit is the right one, you can be eligible for a driving license immediately - so ensure that you do the research and get the right profession on the work permit.

Hope this helps.

Hi all,

I will be working in KOC so as i heard i should rent a house around Messilla or Fintas.Do you have any idea about the rents there?I got an healthcare insurance package offer for me and 2 dependents (wife,son) from Cigna but it costs 300 KWD per month.Is this reasonable or should i search for another health insurance service provider?If you have any idea how much we  may be costed per month regarding healthinsurance,kindly let me know.


No idea about the insurance, but 2 bedroom apartment in the mentioned areas will be 450 KWD and up. You won't find a house for less than a 1000.

Hi poseidonturkey
from my understanding KOC will provide private health care for you and your dependants  in the offer package

Hi John,

I will be a consultant of KOC.I will get 3000 KWD per month.I will have no other benefits such as housing,health insurance package,company car etc.All those will be covered from this salary.

Hi again,
The devil is in the details... now that you have shared more, the advice gets more specific.

Messila is still further away if your location is KOC (around Ahmadi). Fintas, Mahboula, etc. are better options. Ribosom has given a fair indication - however, there are cheaper places; not sure if family friendly though.

Cigna at KWD 300 PM is rather costly. Even without a pool of friends & family, a fairly decent health insurance coverage might come around KWD 1500 - 2000 for the year (ball park check a couple of years ago). This will likely get cheaper as the government is proposing to  mandate private insurance for dependents like father, mother and siblings (wife and children are not in this mandate) - so demand for private insurance is expected to rise. But, the coverage might be limited to Kuwait (maybe with GCC). You can check local insurance companies like Warba, etc.

hope this helps.

Please pass on the job advert for this please :) 3000 is a tidy sum, however as stated your'e a minimum hours drive from Mesilla to Ahmadi, If you can I thin Faheel would be much closer and better commute. Just asking because I teach Computing. I think when I first came BUPA gold had a decent package for health insurance in Kuwait.

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