A lady can share a room at resort with a local man?

A lady can share a room at resort with a local man?
It is illegal? or she is not allowed to do it in Maldives?
Somebody can help to explain, please.

You should not be sharing a room with with other gender

Many thanks.
Maybe no more .

Yes, and you should take care of your self.

Yes, I will. Thank you.

Hi Oll,

Please help to tell me when the last ferry from airport to Male is.
I plan to come back Maldives in Nov, maybe I have to stay one night in Male because of late flight. Thank you.


The Airport ferry from Male to Airport 24 Hours operations  are you in Male  or in the resort right now ? when you plan to go to Male ?

I have been there in May, I loved beach there, I plan to come there in November and stay at Maafushi some day , in resort last day ( last time I stayed at Fihalohhi resort).
Do you think one night in Male or Huhulmale?
There is no ferry on Friday and Saturday?

There are ferry service on friday and saturday.

Thank you.

I can not wait to come there. How nice beach in resort is!

Too bad, im relocating in the first week of October 2017

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