Laws or requirements on moving to Malé permanently

Is there any laws or requirements on moving to Malé permanently from another country?

Hi and welcome to the forum ashiri!

Could you tell us a bit more about your moving project? It may depend on what you intend to do there.


Buy an apartment, if that's possible? Otherwise rent an apartment. And then work with my art there.

Have you tried browsing the Maldives forum?
This thread could help for example:


hi Ashiri,

thank you for your interest in maldives, firstly, to your question of moving permanently to maldives, this is possible only if you get married to a maldivian, otherwise you will need a work visa.

and foreigners cannot buy properties in maldives, but you can rent one for a maximum of 50 years, and have two contracts from the owner for 50 years each. hence you will have the place for 100 years.

still you will need to obtain a work visa ( permit) from the authorities.


OK, thanks for your help.

Hi Mooch.
I am a professional Photographer.
Do you think there are opportunities for  to work there as freelancer video film maker and photography.
I am already married with 2 grownup kids.
I am not investor.
I am used to operating from home.

I hope I get reply from you.


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