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Hello I am an occupational therapist with 2 years of working experience in working with children who are mentally and physically challenged specifically at a special needs school. I am also qualified in working in a rehabilitation centre and clinics with people with orthopaedic, musculoskeltal injuries asswell as neurological disorders.
I am also looking for volunteering. opportunities in the respective displines.
Those wiith links please assist me. Thank you


I have read your post and wonder if you could share any information on the situation with the special needs education in Maputo or your understanding of it.  I am thinking of moving to Mozambique and have a child with a profound developmental needs. At the moment, it looks like not much is available in international or private educational sector. Is this correct?

Hello Zls, i have been working in Zimbabwe specifically at a specials needs school where i trained and gained experience in designing assessments and treatments for children who had various difficulties in this case physical, emotional,social, mentally or in the context of learning which will lead to these individuals to require specialized services i.e education wise, environmental wise, recreational wise. Unfortunately Zls, when i posted that was looking for opportunities and volunteering post. I am however residing in Tete. Let me find out for you from one of the therapist in maputo as i am new to this country.

Thank you for your response! I would really appreciate more information. Particularly, whether it would be possible to hire privately a professional like you with one to one assistance but may be school affiliation.

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