Cream cheese and sour cream in Cordoba

Hey there, guys.

I'm a wannabe expat, and have joined the forums years ago.

Still, although I am not living in Argentina, I spend about one month a year in the Cordoba region.

So does anyone know a store or a business that sells Philadelphia cream cheese and sour cream?  I have come across Philadelphia cream cheese in supermarkets in Buenos Aires, but never in Cordoba.  And I have never, ever seen sour cream in Argentina.

Can anyone help?

i´ve been from la quiaca to ushuaia over the past 7 years, and i´ve never seen sour cream either. for philadephia your best shots are the big international chains (changomas, carrefour), but i usually just use finlandia or casancrem. they´re not the same by a long shot, but it works. for cheesecake i put finlandia, mascarpone, and ricota.

no there is not such its brand.or product, what you looking for. only one kind of cheese calls it CASANCREAM . about sour cream. there is some brands but not a Daisy and they sell in bulk also.

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