Help-I’m relocating my family to Argentina in 6 weeks!

Greetings, my name is Jon, a US Citizen and I am writing to request assistance in learning the process of relocating my family to Argentina in Jan 2018.

I am married and we are blessed with two young boys.  My wife and I have known each other since the 6th grade.  She is from Houston but her mother as born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  My wife lived in Esquel in 1998 and worked as a teacher.

We considering living in San Carlos de Bariloche, Esquel or San Martin De Los Andes.  We have tickets to move to the Argentina in Jan of 2018, so that our children can learn about their heritage.

I have never been to Bariloche nor San Martin De Los Andes, but my wife has in the past. In fact, in July 2014, we traveled to Buenos Aires to visit my wife's family (aunt, uncle, cousins) and also to Esquel where she taught for a year. Personally, I fell in love with the mountains and the feeling of the town of Esquel and with the prospect of learning Spanish in Argentina.

Our plan is move from USA to Argentina in Jan 18 to live/laugh/love/work there for about  1-2 calendar years and see what's next. So, in the interim, can you educate us on the long lead items that we need to think about in terms of timeline, documentation and fees as we begin our planning for Argentina 2018?

We have a 2004 Saturn SUV to bring/ship...any advice? Also, we have AT&T, anyone transfer cellular service from home to Argentina? Lastly, banking, we recently opened a BBVA Compass account on word they work well with LATAM banks, true/false?

We have been so focused on packing/selling/giving things away, we forgot to do ‘this’ research.




Don't go it is cold in Bariloche. The entire country is expensive due to 30 to 40% inflation year after year. If you must go, go to Tucuman. Warm weather and cheaper than B.A.
I like B.A. but plan to wait before moving there from the US, and see what happens after the inflation causes collapse of the economy.

It is SERIOUSLY expensive.  If you eat cheese you will go bankrupt.  Bring as many household goods, linen, cooking equipment, shoes, boots, tee shirts and whatever you can.  Importing a car will bring a massive tax and you will then have to go through the trauma of the tramites, insurance is expensive.  Buying a car is a major hurdle,  Remember you would need a transformer for electrical goods, it is 220 here.

Have a look at Rosario and Mendoza.


I went to Mendoza to see if it was a potential place to live. It is a dry desolate desert. About 3 inches of rain per year. Very seldom rains. The only green grass is what is irrigated. One huge tourist trap. Which helps make it expensive.
The wine industry there makes the price of land high. All real estate is high priced.
San Miguel de Tucuman or Salta may be better choices. I went to Tucuman but not Salta. Prices of everything in Tucuman are lower than B.A. but still not cheap. Salta is a popular place. It is a low income area but again very dry. I definitely don't want to live in an area where water is a problem.

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