Help please!!

Hola amigos, my name is Rhys and i would really appreciate if someone could guide me on the path of finding work.
Yes, i am pretty young but Cordoba really stands out to me. i have friends and a girlfriend that lives there and she is very stressed about university coming up and id like to be there to support her. if anyone could give me an email or skype me and show me what its like to live there, thatd be so very helpful.

my spanish skills are poor at the moment but im learning it still, and i dont mind heavy work, infact id prefer it. as im a landscaper and do concrete work on weekends. and accommodation will also be a big one as itd help if i found people to move in with or find a unit in a safe enough area to get around.

if someone could help me out with my dilemma, then thatd be perfect.

thanks guys, please get to me soon

I´d like to help you but I live in Buenos Aires

How are you? I just joined this community and I work for Moravia IT in Argentina. We're currently looking for foreigners to work in our premises in Cordoba.

Are you still looking for a job?

Please let me know!

Hi BrianMartos,

This thread is somewhat old and has been inactive since the past 2 years. I suggest you drop an advert in the Jobs in Córdoba section of the website so that interested members may contact you.

All the best,

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