Recognition of foreign qualifications in Angola

Hello everyone,

Were your professional qualifications recognised in Angola? What country did you complete your qualifications in? What profession are you in?

Did you have to go through any formalities to get your qualifications recognised, such as to have them translated?

If your qualifications weren't recognised, were there any additional tests or exams you had to complete before you were able to practice your profession in Angola or continue with your studies?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Hi Priscilla,

It was recognized but the process is a bit hectic. I had to locate a professional translation company recognized by Angolan embassy. They translated the documents. One translation is verified by the embassy, I take to take both english and portuguese copies to ministry of foreign affairs to authenticate both. Then only I could apply for work permit.

Hope it helps.


They recognized and allow me to work. But for applying the work visa, there are professional and authorized translator for Angolan Embassies every where in the world. If your documents are in English then those need to be translated and  endorse by the Angolan embassy.


Please visit the following site. They have all information about types of visas and requirement for that visa. It has Portuguese and English Version.

Presidential Decree No. 108-11 of 25 May download this document from the above site. I ahve this document but here I cant find the attachment option.


hello ,
I am also trying to get this answers for my husband since he is not Angolan but for me am from here though I still have to have my Degrees translated and recognised here in Angola I will be following on this.

Dear Pricsila
Good day!

My foreign profession is pharmacist,and i have no clue how my qualification can be recognised here in Angola,i wonder if you can assist me how to do that to get registerd as pharmacist .For your knowledge  means of instruction in the university where i graduated  was English.

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