Police clearance certificate from Angola for Canadian Immigration

Would any of you know the procedure for getting police clearance certificate from Angola? This is for Canadian immigration purposes. My dad used to work there in the 70s. He is an Indian citizen. Tried to contact the embassy in India, they asked me to call the Indian embassy in Angola or contact the company. The company doesnt exist anymore and the Indian embassy says that we need to go in person. Would any of you know the process? Is there some agencies who could help us with this request?.  Any help on this wuuld be appreciated,


Hello Jayasri,

I guess you have a similar thread with the same request but from two different countries.

Pardon my ignorance & curiosity, may I know why you posted that into 2 different countries forums'.

My dad had worked in 5 African countries & we require police clearance from each of them . I found some info about the other 3 plces but nothing from Angola & Liberia. Hence trying to see if any of the expats there would be able to provode some insights.

Hi Jayasris, were u able to get the angola police clearance, I have tried but have not been able to get it, any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

Hi Guys... I know it has been some years for the above post... but did you manage to get the PCC from Angola.
Was there a delay?
Did the Canadian Govt. accept the PCC with a delay.

or did it not happen at all...

any information would help as I too am in the same situation.



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