Salary range secondary school teacher

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lam moving into Luanda soon l would like to know whats the salary range of secondary school teachers?

Hi Mr. Hardy,

It varies a lot, depending on your experience, qualifications, school size and responsibilities.

Ranges from 1500usd to 2500usd, (basic salary)

Plus expact subsidies such as: transport, accomodation, and meals might also help you. Range from 600usd to 2000usd.

On your contract ask your employer to assist you with repatriation of your salary after TAX just in case.

Hope it helps

Thanks so much for your detailed response. May l ask why is it important to repatriate my salary? Is it not possible to send money back home using Western Union or Money gram?

Kind regards

Hi Mr. Hardy,

You welcome,

I advise you to include " a small clause" on your contract so that you get paid in your country of residence in Dolars /Euro/Yuan or even in your countries currency.

There is a shortage of foreign reserves (USA Dollars/Euro) in Sub-Africa (Angola also).

To prevent hyper_Inflation Angols  government made budget cuts and increased Foreign Exchange Control. Agencies (Money Gram/WTU/Nova Cambios etc) have been affected, so they limit the amount of Foreign currency we send.

Negociate with then and see how it goes.

Hope it helps

Sorry (Angola Government)

Many thanks IpSilva

Hello Mr Hardy,

Have you found a teaching job yet? The school i work at will be looking for Maths and Science English teachers and possibly more English teachers... are you interested?

Best regards

Hi recently got email regarding mathematics teacher vacancy in Angola. May I know they will pay . They are going to hire from India. I got mail to Indian mail

Hi Michelle.
I know you posted about teaching jobs last year but thought I would message you in case there are vacancies for next year.
I am an English and drama teacher secondary trained in NZ but I also have an TEFL certification and taught ESL for 3 years in South Korea. My degree as an English specialist is from the University of Toronto, Canada. I am a dual citizen of New Zealand and Canada.

I would really love a job in Angola as my husband wants to move there and work next year as well. To be closer to family.

Please let me know of any positions available
My email is ***

Thank you in advance


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I am English teacher and would like a teaching position in Angola. My highest qualification is a Master of Arts TESOL.

I hereby request for your assistance on this matter.

Thank you
Mluleki Ndlovu

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Hi everyone,

For those looking for jobs, I suggest you to create your own resume under the Jobs in Angola section of the website. Feel free to provide as much details as you can.

Good luck


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