Adapting to Life in Bucharest

I am expecting my move to Bucharest to be complete within the next two months. I have lived abroad and know what to expect however I am looking to understand or obtain feedback on adapting to life in Bucharest. I am a South African so I do expect the culture to be vastly different.

I have a construction background and have been in the industry for 25 years.

It would be great to understand the cost of living in Bucharest. 


go on numbeo cost of living and choose Bucharest.Quite accurate info about cost of living.
Regarding the culture, we are embracing easy different culture so no   worry.
And good luck!

Thanks Cristina for the reply and web site. I have viewed it and it provided valuable information. Great way to compare. Also pleased to hear about the culture and the acceptance. Will be great to experience the Bucharest lifestyle soon.


"vastly different" is Central Eastern Europe...not India, Malaysia or another planet...Although for sure not as familiar for a South African as Australia, NZ, or Britain.

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