Where to live in Bucharest?

Hi, my name's David and I have just arrived from Madrid (Spain). I'm looking for an apartment to rent but I don't know in which district I have to look for. I'd like to be in the center because I work (for now) near Piata Victoria and I want to enjoy the city.

Your advice is more than welcome :)


Hi, I own a luxury apartment in the centre of Bucharest (P-ta Lahovary - Gradina Icoanei), fully furnished and equipped, 2 bedrooms, large balcony, 122 sqm. in total. Available from 15 November 2008.  Price: 1750 EURO.   Contact: Sergiu Cara for visits, phone: 0722 236 729 or the owner, Marius Cara, email: cara[at], phone: +40723.313.357 or +352621186537.  Pictures available on request.


The top Area in the City is Calea Dorobantii - and a small branch road off to the north east called Bellar. Here you will expect to pay 1000 Euro a month for 2 bedroom in standard Ex Com block.

Moving further north outside the city are Banesa rights up to Otopeni. There is a slight reduction in rentals in these areas.

Further to the east is Calea Mosilor - high rentals - but don't quite know why.

A bit lower is Stefan Cel Mare that runs from Dorobantii to Obor (C.Mosilor)

One tip if you are interested in the Dorobantii area - avoid the big estate agents but go to the smaller ones which are based in the actual area.

Selling Buying or Renting in Dorobantii is a little complicated - and a Good LOCAL Agent inportant.

Alternatively, many people are advertising themselves on INternet, and there are also two weekly publications lisiting property for Rent, Sale, or Purchase in Bucharest.

Hope this doesn't confuse you.


Hi David,

I'm also working at Pita Victoria (America House) since July :). I am staying in a serviced apartment at Univeritati; It's a good option but... depends on your budget.

hope this helps,

Hello Everyone!

My name is Paul and I am an American citizen residing here in Sector 2 of Bucharest with my Romanian wife.  We are very interested in meeting other Americans for friendship.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!!!

hey how much is to rent a studio or own one in buch?

Rent can be as low as 250 euros/month..
If you want to buy it..expect anything from 30k to 80-90..depending on which area you're targetting

I am now living abroad and I have a room apartment for sale, completely renovated and fully equiped.

Alternatively can be rented too.

I speak Fr, En and Ro
Do not hesitate to contact me at felicia.teleuca[at]
or by phone
0040-476 512 177
0040-723 770 969

or 0032-475 36 33 81


If you are looking for an apartament, try this
Usually the rent is between 200-500 euros.

InCity in Calea Dudesti isn't too bad..

Hello, i have been offered a job in bucharest by genpackt company (piperata metro station) and i wish to know which is best location for an apartment rental, i am willing to pay only 200-250 euro monthly for fully furnished apartment.
Please any info will be great.

I'd suggest somewhere on the blue metro line (M2). Neighbourhoods in the south are usually cheaper.
250 Euro/month will get you a studio flat in Tineretului (closer to the centre, quite a decent neighbourhood for the price and close to a large park). Further south and you might get a one-bedroom flat near Sudului or Aparatorii Patriei metro stations. By metro you could be at Pipera station in about 15 minutes, plus however long it takes you to walk from your flat to the station, plus up to 5 mins waiting time (rush hour).

Hi thank you for the fast reply, can you please indiacate me any site in which i can check houses? i m afraid my romanian do not exist, but my english is excellent. :D

@mery1728: The proposal of Maykal is ok. You should look for and search there. These posting are fresh and paid by the landlords. Look for "proprietar"  ( directly by the owner without intermediates )and your area.

Hello...i am looking for very long holiday in Bucharesti and would like to find apartment also..i will most likely  live there after i am there...any help or information? MULTUMESC!!!!!!!!

Hello, i have been in Bucharest Romania for 9 months now, if you need any information on prices etc i can help you out....I can also provide you with some links to check apartments if you wish. Let me know.
Take care!

wonderful you are a god send please let me know as much...i have also questions for you..thanks again...sam

Hi Mery,
How are you enjoying Bucharest? I'm considering relocating there. Can you explain to me about which districts are nice to live in? I'm looking for a downtown 2 bedroom flat. I like cafés, restaurants museums, grocery stores, shops, access to transportation etc...any information you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you
Kind regards

I would love information on long term apartment rentals in Bucharest, as I am looking to be in downtown, mostly District 1.  The links I've found thus found don't seem to be informative.  Thank You

be careful being an expat will bring you higher rents......negotiating is key also there are 2 kinds of rentals furnished and un furnished

or just walk away at the first sign of "bull"

Generally speaking in my opinion it is a complex task to find an appropriate apartment in Bucharest for rent or for sale in a nice area with a reasonable price and Western, modern standard.
But not impossible: it just takes time! :-)
I suggest you 2 areas of the city to consider for expatriate housing and each should be considered for specific reasons: 1. Downtown and 2. Northern area

With kind regards,

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