Halal Food, Butchers and Paki/Indian grocerry Store

Hi All,

Just moved to Bucharest and trying to find Halal Butchers (names &addresses please) food (names&addresses)  and indian/Paki grocerry stores in Bucharest. I live in Voluntari area near US Embassy in Bucharest.

Thank you in advacnce for your help!

Any Pakis /Indian families in area, get in touch.

Halal butchers in Bucharest


Do you know if any supermarkets like Metro etc sell halal meat ?

Sorry I don't

Unfortunately that link is not too useful, not to mention in German; knowledge of Romanian language is often essential for finding things on Google in Romania. 

This localized link is more appropriate

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Asifgardezi :


Do you know if any supermarkets like Metro etc sell halal meat ?

Yes, not sure about Metro specifically, but Carrefour certainly does.  I'm willing to say others do also, since there is some demand.

Thanks a Bunch, i will try Carrefour tomorrow.
Does it clearly say Halal on the package or is there a local word for Halal i should be aware off?
The reason i ask this is because every other country i have been to had local translation for word Halal.

I apologize if my questions sound silly, i literally moved here 2 days ago and dont know a whole lot about the city

I went to carrefour today in voluntari and they dont have Halal meat.

Hello there....My English partner and I like very much lamb meat. Unfortunately , Romanians eat Lamb mostly on Easter.
But we found a Turkish butcher in Bucharest very good  and sells fresh kebabs and other cuts, spices etc.

This is there website: They must sell halal meat.
It is worth a visit to the shop, Strada Ritmului nr 2, do not know if they speak English if you call them.

If you have a car it's brilliant. just type in your GPS the addresse and you will get there.

Best wishes,

Thank you, i will definitely give them a visit

Another butcher

Halal Restaurant

But these links including Girlie's link had already been given to you.

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