Need to rent a room for lower price

Need to rent a room for lower price between 300 to 600 tl is it possible for me ??!!!!

I am writing u one ap below,, you can download and look for  from there.


Is it for short term or long term? If u need for short term, i can offer u 650tl, it's not only a room but a studio, so it's very cheap.

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Please feel free to post all housing searches and offers in the housing in Istanbul section, it is more appropriate.

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Depends on area by the way where u need .u need sharing or separate room

Where is this studio?

Hey what's up, you are welcome to my house,we may discuss about the price.. this is some information here : … anbul.html

Hey Mrwan

I'm interested on your room, but I have to check when I'll go to Istanbul. Probably I'll rent it on sept.18 th.
This price is for one day?


Hİ there,

İf you need a room in center of İstanbul, Let me know. İ have a apartment with 4 rooms (2 rooms occupied, long term) on airbnb,

Have fun here.

I will see there

hi again,

You may rent it long term or short term how you like.


@ Giray Arman > Please feel free to drop your accommodation offer in the Rooms for rent in Istanbul section.

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Thank you priscilla, you are so kind.

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