Living in Glasgow VS Wishaw

Hello to all the members!
I am moving to Scotland in a couple of months for a job that I've found in Wishaw.
Would you suggest living in Wishaw or in Glasgow? Will I be able to commute easily in case I lived in Glasgow? Also, which neighborhood would you suggest in Glasgow?

Ideally, I would like to live in a neighborhood that is quiet, yet in a walking distance from shops and sports centers and in the same time a place from which you can easily transport to Wishaw by train.

Thank you in advance :)

Hiya !
I did commute from  Glasgow to Wishaw for about 2 years by train.I was living in Partick then and took the train from Partick Station having to  change in Glasgow Central .The whole journey takes around 1 hour.It was not too bad except in winter days when it is dark so early.That is if you want to live in Glasgow of course,which I advise you to do if you like a vibrant city.There is not much in Wishaw I''m afraid.
There are many areas in Glasgow where you can get tranquillity and shops and bar/restaurants nearby .Depending in your budget you can go from Dennistoun to the West end (Partick at the lower end ) and of course city centre where surprisingly there are also some quiet areas.
Hope that was useful and good luck!

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