Having problems to open a bank account in Peru

Hi everyone! My name is Jaco. I am 24 years old. I am from Hong Kong. I will be studying spanish in Lima in Sptember.
I am freaking out right now, because I am told that as a foreigner, you cannot open a bank account. So how can i provide the proof of funds to the immigration officers if needed to?
And how can I deposit my money if I cannot open up a bank account in peru? : ((
Has anyone been through this?
Thanks guys~~

G'day Jaco, I suggest that you take Travel Money Card(s) with you which you can use at various ATMs in Peru. Depending on your card provider, you can load quite a substantial amount of money, but it will have to be US$'s. You can take your "load" statement/receipt with you to show immigration....that may be okay.
I have read that Scotia Bank may open an account with just your passport...but you had better check on that...see if there is s Scotia bank in HK and ask. They are an international bank, so maybe there is an office in HK.
Hope this is of some help.

hi Peter,
Thank you so much for the information. That is hugely helpful~
I will have a look see on tomorrow.
Thank you very much,

How did you go Jaco ? Just curious. :-)


Sorry Peter for the late reply...
I have a Peruvian friend that will go to Peru with me, so he will use his DNI to open a bank account in Peru. I can use his bank account and his bank card

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