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Good morning to Everyone, I'm Melvi Velásquez from Lima-Peru, I'm peruvian and so interested to extend my pinoy friends at Lima. We are a filipino-peruvian family, me and my pinay wife will be happy to know some more about you or to meet us in some commercial place of Lima to make friendship, to practice spanish, to practice tagalog, to know  some more about Lima and Peru also to work.
I'm professional and entrepeneur. I invite you join us in facebook too xxx

Best Regards.

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hello Ms. Melvi or shall i say Mrs..  :)  i would like to know how is Employment there in Peru. Is there any chance that i could find a job there? I am currently here in Cyprus and my contract and visa will soon lapse. I found on the net that we Philippine citizens has visa exemption for 183 days. I need information hope you will help me with this. Thank you..  :)  :)

Hi Joanna, Here have many jobs that you can aply if you know some spanish language, also about english speakers workers, check at:

If you want to work in Peru you will need a special visa called “el Carné de extranjeria” which could be translated as “Foreign Resident ID Card”. With the Carné de extranjeria you are allowed to work in Peru and you don’t have a limit on the number of days you can stay. However you will need to pay $20 US Dollars a year and an initial fee of $200 US Dollars.

Other than being married to a Peruvian or having Peruvian family, to apply for the Carné de extranjeria you will need to have a contract with a company that wants to hire you. The contract must be for a year minimum. Unfortunately it is more complicated for companies to hire a foreigner than to hire a Peruvian and they are only allowed to hire a certain amount of foreigners to their company.

If you find a way to get hired, then you need to fill in this form: and pay $49.90 USD to the Banco de la Nacion. You will bring the receipt of your payment together with a copy of your passport and a copy of you TAM card (the paper you received at the airport when entering Peru).

Next you book an appointment with INTERPOL where you take an exam and pay the fee of $200 USD at the Banco de la Nacion and an additional of $20 USD for an inscription in the “Foreigners Register”.

You will also need to hand in 2 photos in “tamaño carnet” size (similar to passport size but ask at the place where you take your photos for “tamaño carnet”). Finally, you also need to fill in this document. This ensures that you haven’t committed any criminal activities in Peru or in any other country.

Please note that if you are applying for the Carné de extranjeria as a family member to an officer, due to a religious commitment in Peru or as a refugee, the conditions are different.

Also note that the process of applying for the Carné de extranjeria can be a bit complicated and the procedure is not always the same for everyone so make sure that you ask about the details of the procedure at the immigration office. Not all speak English so if you aren’t fluent in Spanish make sure you bring someone who can translate for you.

Hi melvi.. glad to see your post. I'm Jennie Glenn.. hope to meet you and your wife.. I just came here in Peru last january.. looking forward to meet other Filipinos living here too.

hello guys... been here in Lima for 8 months now, hoping that i can meet more Filipinos here.

xxx Hope to meet Filipinos here. God Bless!

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Sa Miraflores po, I'm still looking for a Job as a teacher.  Hoping to find one.

Is it hard to settle down there if you're not married to a Peruvian?

Hi Nicah. Not really, but it is better to live in Peru if you have a job, just like in any other country.

Hello to all.  I was born in the Philippines but my parents are American and I have lived in Peru for 13 years.  I looked for this forum because I have always wanted to go back to the Philippines and now after researching it some really want to put the effort into making that dream a reality.  I figured the best place to start would be making some contacts with (real) Filipinos.  I met some girls on the street a couple of times who were part of some big christian church in the Philippines who ask for money for an orphanage or something and was surprised to learn that there are some Filipinos here in Peru.  I forgot where their meetings are though.  If anyone knows who that group is please let me know.  Also, if anyone wants information about Peru I have been here a long time and probably know.  I would like to meet some people in the Filipino community here.  I live currently in Miraflores.

Hi, it's good to know that there is a Filipino who got married there. Currently I have Peruvian bf online and hopefully someday we can meet up if this relationship goes well. And I want to asked some info on how you process paper to get your wife there. Thanks and best regards

you don`t need a visa to come to Peru.  Just come over and you get a 90 to 180 tourist visa.  If you overstay your visa it is no problem...just pay a dollar a day fine and cross the border and come right back a minute later.  I have lived here for 13 years and done it many times.  Very lax on immigration here in Peru.

Is it easy to get a job there since I am not a college degree holder. Is there any agency you can recommend ? Because I am planning to find job while having that tourist visa. Thanks for your kind reply and best regards.

well, you write English very well so I am sure you could get a job as an English teacher.  What other skills do you have?  It is true what one of the first posts says something about the somewhat difficult process for getting legal residency and working on the books for a formal company.  However, I have lived here most of the 13 years continuously without legal residence and never worked on a formal payroll.  It is actually cheaper to work off the books and cross the border every six months than be in the system and pay taxes.

So tell me what other skills you have and I can tell you more.  I may have some contacts for you and maybe you could have some contacts for me.


Hi Alma,
Good luck about love relationship with your peruvian boyfriend. The facts, trust, the evidences of love and the time will make it sure and strong your relationship. Take a schedule, take a budget, a plan.
The first job that any English speaker thinks to perform is English teacher, here virtual or real English institutes eventually need it. Also foreign and national companies for eventual projects. Also little Pinoy companies, Even you can start your own little business.
If you want a formal yearly contract and a work visa, that's a process and it takes from 2 months or more.


Hi I just moved in Peru last November because of my fiancee lol, Im a Filipina and he was Peruvian. I am looking forward to meet y'all.

Thanks Sir Robert now I know I don't have to worry about it. But I still asked for my bf invitation letters to make sure everything will be smooth.

I can do bookkeeping or financial statement accounts for I had worked as treasurer of one small unit of government in the Philippines. But the concerns is speaking Spanish. But I am still continued learning as preparation in coming there. Hopefully for a good luck

Thanks Mel for your sweet wish towards my relationship. I am still planning more and figuring it out carefully how to starts and I always tackling the issue with my bf. Hopefully it will goes well. Best regards too and God bless you.

hope is yours...great to hear it. What processing you have undergone through to come there. My plan is next year...also because I have bf there and he wants me to work over there as a term of near to each other.. I hope you have a good experience....

hello i would like to know more about what it costs to live there in peru. any information you give would be greatly appreciated.  what can a person live comfortably on per month?

@robertinperu...what amount  can a person live comfortably on in peru per month?

of course it depends on your lifestyle, many peruvians live on $300 a month...millions.  If you have a western lifestyle it will cost much more.  What do you plan to do here and how much do you think you will make?

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I think you earn 1,200 soles there is you already enough to survive.

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@robertinperu...i am retired and just wanting a low key laid back lifestyle. but i may open a small restaurant but im really not too sure. i have a comfortable american lifestyle. just trying to get a dollar figure on the amount it takes to live in peru ----and  if people live on $300 a month there would it be safe to say that $1000 per month would be a good lifestyle there?

Hello, Alma! Regarding airfare tickets, it is better if you will have a ticket back to Manila, but even a dummy ticket will do. When I traveled to Peru last year of September, the Immigration people asked for my return ticket. Prepare a dummy ticket or a real one if you have. Life in Peru is not that different from Manila. English teachers are on demand, but some centres pay less, you have to be wise in choosing a job. One centre offered me a job in Lima, working from Monday to Saturday, for 900 soles a month! I declined the offer. Hope this helps. Good luck to your love life. Peruvians are very romantic!

yes, for $1000 a month you can live fine.  Not in the best parts of town because apartments in the best areas can cost $1000 but in a middle class part of town you can find a small apartment for cheap and live fine on $1000.  You can make good money with a restaurant.  So if you can do that you would have no problem.  Lots of chinese come here and open chinese restaurants and earn like 6 to 7 thousand a month profit.

Hi sissy, thanks for the info, very much appreciated. Yeah it's one advice of my friend who went to Russia to prepare dummy ticket only to avoid wasting the fare expenses. Yes, absolutely you are right, Peruvian is very romantic for I have witness it from my boyfriend. Thanks for your good wish and hope to meet you when I arrive there. Take care and God bless you always. I will pray that you could find a good job..

@robertinperu.....thanks for your insight...i have more to put towards housing than $1000 per month really going to purchase a home but i want to at least find out about the city so i can know where exactly i would like to live before purchasing or building a home. do you by chance have an email address so i can communicate with you instead of in this forum?

sure, actually I work in construction so can advise you well.

Hi Sissy... Thanks for the wishes, I am now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia working as senior teacher. I stayed in Chorillos, Lima from September to December last year. Keep in touch, though. I might travel again in Peru during holidays. All the best to you!

Hi sissy, wow so near..I am still here in Singapore. By good chance I will travel to Peru next year and probably will stay in Puente Piedra with my bf. It would be great to keep in touch! Did you find quite difficult to lived there in a while despite of not being an Spanish speaker? As my preparation in going there, I started a months ago to study Spanish through you tube😂😂. It is quite fun though hahahaha. Do you have any bf or friends there?

Hello everyone,
I am a filipina teaching Science, Math, and English conversation at bilingual schools here in Thailand. I am licensed and have 2 degrees. Peru seems to be a very interesting country, therefore I am wondering whether there are many job opportunities for qualified teachers. Any feedback is very much appreciated.

Hello, Jan3th,
I too am a teacher, and was in Peru last year, trying my luck in securing a job. Here are some of what I observed on seeking a job in Peru:
1. Most of the school staff in Peru are Spanish speakers;
2. Some school heads prefer teachers who are using British English; they prefer American or European applicants rather than Asian applicants;
3. It is easy to look for a job as an English teacher in Language centers, but most offers low rate salary as they are taking advantage of tourists in Peru.
4. Some language centers I applied to, offered only from Soles 800 to Soles 1,000 and they require you to work from Monday to Saturday!
5. Language centers will not shoulder your work visa, you have to apply for it yourself.
6. Some centers even release salary after 2 months! When asked why, the guy who interviewed me said that  they need to wait for the clients' payment before they can pay the teachers!!!
I hope this helps, but you can always try your luck. I am now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, happily working as a teacher.  Best of luck!

- Marlyn

Hello Marlyn,
Thank you very much for your detailed reply and have a good time in Malaysia.

Hi Marlyn,

I am reading quite a lot about Peru this weekend and I wanted to ask 2 more questions.

1. You wrote that the teacher must shoulder the work permit. My question is: How long are the contracts that those language schools offered you? Because I read somewhere that you can only get a work permit if the contract is for one year or longer. And I read that there are some travellers that work without proper work permit.  Did those schools offer you one year contracts?

2. Did you stay only in Lima or did you go to other towns, too?

Sorry to ask again but it's helpful to ask someone who was there.

Maraming salamat


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