The best things to discover in Jordan

Hello everyone,

What have you discovered in Jordan that you would recommend to other expats?

Are there any places that you enjoy visiting on the weekends, be it areas of natural beauty or shopping malls? Are there any Jordanian dishes that you would recommend?

What are some of the best activities in Jordan?

Are there any unique customs or places you were introduced to by locals that you think other expats might be interested in? Are there any local festivals that expats might want to get involved with?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.



Well if you know the Arabic name of Jordan is الأردن‎‎ Al-Urdunn, I love it more. officially The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan .

The First best thing in Jordan is there people. It's a small country with less people but the best thing of this country is that you can see the real culture of the people. Well some people may find Jordanians a bit raciest or conservative at first.  But the are NOT. Its one of the loveliest nation I ever met. I always love to call it my second home.

Like any other country, every country love to tell about them , about their history, culture, places and all what they have. If you are in Jordan and you want the real things about the culture, learn ARABIC. Arabic language is so poetic. You may find it hard in the start but its not, if you fall in love with it. 

There are a lot of historic places in Jordan. Roman Stairs in the capital Amman, Wadi Ram, Dead Sea, graves of some prophets, Bedouin culture, and last but not least The Petra. But these are all the places you may can find on google. The Places which make themselves special is the places with people and memories. I love the downtown in capital Amman. I love the city Salt how they painted the 100+ stairs with different colors. The mosque in the downtown and the roman stairs, the old Souq in Zarqa, The Rainbow Street (I lived there for 6 to 7 months.) and the Hashim restaurant in the down town, Kanafe in downtown. off-course it's not everything but precious.

In Jordanian dishes, Mansaf, Kibsa, Mandi, Fatoosh, Imlokhiya, Baglawa, Gatif, Arabian Sweets. I Love them if someone cook for you at home.       

Some lovely activities in Jordan is go for Open air film Screening in Royal Film commission. you will find like-minded there. Go for Hussain Cultural halls and there are some exhibitions. And if you go in Rainbow street there are alto of mixtures of local and expats living together. Youth of Jordan is mostly open minded and the elders are so supportive and friendly.

Festivals is Ramadan, Its an Islamic populated country so the month of Ramadan has a different flavor, If you are in Jordan during Ramadan, Eat Gataif, and break a fast in Rainbow street with different people. If you can attend any marriage that's an asset, watch the traditional dance Dabka and the customs of marriage.

Off course that's not all but giving you a lead, jump and explore your own taste. Whatever your choice I'm sure you will fall in love with this historic place and charming people.

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