Qatar problem

Hello everyone! Can someone relate us how things are going in Doha lately?! A lot of things on the news.
I would really appreciate an opinion. Thank you in advance!

Things going as usual, nothing to worry about,

Hi Andreea
Everything seems to be continuing as normal at the moment, hopefully this continues and the issues are sorted out soon.

qatar is wonderful, personally there is nothing to worry about, it will be sorted soon hopefully

Living is good here. Nothing felt internally even because of blockade. You can reach me at ***

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Its Business as usual in Qatar.

Better than usual!

a few things that I have noticed since being here for the past one year.....

- The quality of milk found in the supermarket sucks !!.......prior to the ban I use to buy AL MARAI brand milk, yoghurt and Laban (semi thick liquid yoghurt) but this being sourced from Saudi Arabia, its no longer available

- Fresh vegetables, meat, eggs etc. are available though their prices are "jacked up" are all other products

I work in the Oil & Gas sector and we notice that on an overall basis the cost of construction materials, replacement parts etc have gone up. Even few of our projects are on hold (UAE used to be the single largest consumer for our gas for generating power. Now no  more ...though there is still some off-take of gas but not as much as before)On a long term basis the country's credit rating would be affected (as I speak there has been a minor down-rating of the country's credit rating).

On an overall basis i am still happy living and working here in Qatar so far :)....though I keep "back-up" plans...just in case....... :)

Perfect...everything as is good nothing is bad here

so far, so good!

Ain't nothing wronf here except that goods have become a bit expensive and some product are missing (ksa products)

we  will survive!

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