Looking to begin doctoral studies in Music in 2018

Hi All,

I have a bachelors degree in music as well as a masters in music education.

I looked at KUG (Kunst University Graz) and it seems like it has the most interesting programs out of all the schools I looked at.

I'm an Austrian citizen and looking to start at the end of 2018.

A couple of questions if any of you have any experience in this field:

1. If I'd like to go into a field that my previous degrees did not concentrate on (i.e ethnomusicology), is it possible to do that?

2. Do you have any tips about how to begin my communication with the University and people I can contact. It all seems so overwhelming when looking at their site.


Hi Tchelet :)

Welcome to

I would contact them by leaving them a message on their website.

Or you could Email one of the staff members.

They will be best to answer any of your questions.

Good luck :top:

SimCityAT Expert Team

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