Naturalisation and citizenship in Indonesia

narilulla :

Not the Sikhs in the UK, right! :P

No idea how I missed that comment.
The Sikhs in the UK tend to be pretty quiet and keep themselves to themselves, there hardly being a whisper of trouble from that group.
No, it's drunks and druggies that cause the big problems and a lot of the reason I have little interest in returning to the UK. I do miss the terrific north Indian and Pakistani food - that's about the only stuff I really miss.
Indonesia is often misunderstood, and that's a pity as it's such a good place.

Yes, Fred, I slipped that in.

In India, there is a foul joke that they go crazy once it is past midnite. When I am in London more than in Delhi, I eat Indian, Pakistan food all the time. Mostly in takeaways because sitting down is paying like a prince which I am not. Thanks

Ah, I'm from Barnsley where there isn't much Indian food but Rotherham and Sheffield have a great selection of very nice restaurants  where you can sit down and eat like a prince but on a pauper's wallet.
Young Tom Canty could easily afford to eat like Prince Edward in most of those places.

As for the topic (and the food) naturalisation for Indians and Pakistanis in Indonesia is very hard work so there are few good restaurants around. Pity.

Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have an especially hard time because even getting into the country is a big problem for many as immigration rules means it's extremely hard for them to stay here even for a short holiday, that applying to people from most poorer nations.
However, it isn't impossible.

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