I decided to move to Tanzania

Hello Everybody
I hope you all have a nice day
I'm Ahmed , Egyptian. 25 years old.
I'm still living in Egypt
I have a bachelor degree in Microbiology and chemistry
But , because I'm in Egypt I have worked in completely different field,
I've been working in pharmaceutical sales and marketing field for 4 years tell now.
I've been promoted twice , in addition to many courses at AUC and ESLSCA
I'm trying to move and live in Tanzania for many years.
I have never visited Tanzania before , but The images and reputaion of this country is making me do my best to join that society.
It has been 3 months till now I'm trying to find a pharmaceutical sales and marketing vacancy in recruiting websites in Tanzania and I found nothing.
I couldn't found any contacts of pharmaceutical companies in Tanzania to ask for vacancy.
I decided to go to Tanzania 1 of July 2017 with touristic Visa (3 months)
And start to search for a job while I'm there
I don't know wether I'm gonna be lucky or not.
But is it even possible to find a job and get work permit to upgrade touristic visa to residence visa and start a new life in Tanzania ?
Is it possible ?
Thanks in advance for answering me

It's depends on you! Which region in Tanzania

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