Appeal for rejected Malaysian Employment Pass

Hello Everyone,

I am an MBA from India. I secured a position as SAP consultant with one of the Big 4 in KL. But my EP application got rejected due to low work experience (1 year). The company has filed an appeal. But I want to know how much time does it take to process the appeal and what are my chances of acceptance. I have already submitted a dossier to the immigration containing my special skills in the domain. I am also from one of the top 5 B Schools of India. But now I feel helpless as to how much longer I need to wait. Please help.

Tricky to call this one, as it would weaken the ability of immigration to enforce minimum requirements if they accept the appeal, especially at a time when getting Malaysians in work is a priority.

If the company hasn't advertised the position in the Malaysian job market they may be asked to prove there are no local candidates available. If they haven't used this route to obtain candidates, it could be time consuming for them to advertise, screen, shortlist and interview - you might be asked to reapply.

Who knows - Appeals are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks Gravitas for the prompt reply. The company HR says it should take about a month to process. If that is the case, I don't think job ad and further screening would be required. Also the company made me write a note on how my special skills are not available in Malaysia. I'm just apprehensive as you said if the Immigration passes this case it would weaken their ability to put a minimum requirement for EP.

Ramadan starts in 9 days so that will probably slow down progress. Do bear in mind that the decision by immigration may not be a clear yes/no but some other request. At the end of the day, the employer will need to take decision how hard they push for your candidacy.

You are correct. Earlier the HR had said it should take 2 weeks, but due to more public holidays it would stretch to one month. I understand that the chances of acceptance are less but  just hope the company pushes my case hard enough.

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