Tax situation when marrying a foreigner


I am a german and employed and i am going to marry an indian, when he comes to germany he will be unemployed untill he finds a job , this is the scenario, now my questions are.

After marriage it will take a lot of time for him to come to germany probably 6 months, due to trouble in getting the family reunion visa.

1. After marriage in india, when i am back to germany, do i have to inform my government that i am married to an indian immediately, If i do so will my tax slab change?.

2. if will my tax slab change after my husband comes to germany or before he comes to germany?.

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As far as I know (but please confirm this with a tax consultant), you can apply for a change of tax class (from 1, which you are probably in now, to 3 or 4 - depending on if your spouse also earns ort not) once your spouse is in Germany and also tax-liable here.

Such things get a bit complex and have more to do with German tax rules than with immigration. Obviously it is to your advantage to officially register your marriage as soon as possible once back in Germany.

From what I've read, I agree with what Beppi wrote that he would have to be in Germany under the German tax system first before you can opt to file a joint tax return. Luckily, one doesn't need to have had this for the whole year. Thus if you manage to get him to Germany, with your marriage registered, before the end of the year, you can file jointly for the whole year.

In any case, foreigner or not, living wherever, a couple cannot live separately all of the time and file a joint return. 

I found a bit of information (in German) about the subject at the following sites although they are not so detailed concerning  exactly your specific situation. … r-so-gehts … besonders/

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