Tax scheme for highly skilled immigrants in Germany

Hello everyone,

Is there any special tax scheme (i.e. lower tax) for highly skilled immigrants (e.g. for a guy who can apply for EU Blue Card, earning say ~80K gross) in Germany?

For instance, the Netherlands has 30% of ruling and Belgium has "expat tax scheme" that can allow expat to pay less tax (and have more net income).

Many thanks

No, there is no such scheme in Germany.
You'd be taxed the same as any normal working local.

Nope, they get the advantage of preferential treatment for working visas. Why should they not pay their share of taxes? To attract skilled workers then companies need to offer high enough wages. That the government would give a tax break is a very bad economic idea.

Why would you think you would pay less taxes at your income?  Don't you know that only the wealthy pay less taxes Worldwide?

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