Looking for a teaching job, any suggestions?

Hello, I am just starting my search to find a teaching position in Kuwait. I have a Bachelor's in Art education, a valid teaching license from the US and I am certified to teach English as a second language, I have working experience doing both. Any suggestions or leads on where to apply? Are there any other expat teachers on here that I can connect with to get some advice or insight into moving and teaching in Kuwait?

Hi, where are you based at present?

I think this is an excellent time to apply for a teaching job in Kuwait, as most are in the process setting their plan for next academic year, including recruitment. All you need to do is to search schools in Kuwait and apply online.

Best of luck :)

I am based out of the US. Thanks, I have been looking around a bit and am finding that there are actually a lot of jobs posted.


      You have to come to here as a tourist after that apply for job in Ministry of Education in the government every year they post in official newspaper teachers demand. When you submit it, they will call you then you will go for interview and if you success they will transfer your tourist visa to work visa.

     For art teaching now they have been stopped to bring Art teachers from abroad because they don't need it any foreigner any more in this field just for Kuwaiti citizens.

     In the private schools like US, AUS, CAN school is very low chance but try.

I hope this help you.

Good Luck,


I'm curious.... I have no formal teaching qualifications, although I do have a Master's degree in Archaeology. I've been teaching English for the last 11 years in South Korea as my wife is Korean... she's now moved to Kuwait to work for Kuwait Airways and I need to find a job so I can join her. Are there any schools/academies that hire unlicensed but highly experienced teachers?

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