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Does anyone know of an architect/engineer in  Belize that can draw up plans for a home, and is able to move things smoothly through the CBA? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
We've had a couple of dealings, not a house design, with Abel Flores from Santa Elena and were very pleased with his service.
If we were building, we would choose A**** office in Belmopan.

Thanks for the feedback Brigitte. Much appreciated.

Hi rayonthebay,

You can  consult the list of architects in Belize registered in the business directory :

- Architects in Belize

Feel free to contact the recommended ones for further information.


Sarvesh team

Thank you Sarvesh.

Hello Ray:

Just checking to see if you have received a response to your post inquiring on a architect referral for your plans?  Hope all is well otherwise.  I will be in Belize sometime in May hoping to meet up with Mario.
Are you considering him as your contractor possibly for your project?

Kind regards,


Hello Diana,

First of all, I bid out my plans to three different contractors in Belize. All things considered Mario came in the highest, which surprised me. The lowest bidder I don't have as much confidence in, and he was low because I had to buy windows, doors etc myself, which at the end of the day didn't save anything.
We live and learn. I have decided, this Monday, on a builder who actually is part owner of Cansejo Landings where we are building. His name is Peter Maurmann. He was born in Germany, and we know how precise they are when they do things. Of the three I contacted to bid he was the only one who understood completely everything I talked about, from foundation to roof support, and structural integrity. Anyway, he has lived in Belize, at Consejo Shores, for over a decade, and built extensively there. Condos, as well as single family dwellings, via his company LLP Constructors Ltd. I haven't met anyone in Belize that understands construction better than he does. He offered a competitive bid, and a complete process. I am impressed with him as a builder, and a person. In talking to residents about him, he is well known, and highly respected.

All said and done, I highly recommend you contact him. I am very reserved when it comes to contractors but, he has been a breath of fresh air. I still believe Mario to be a good contractor, though he is not GST registered as he inferred he was. Peter is. I spoke to Peter this morning about your project, and he welcomes you contacting him. I will be working through an architect that Peter has recommended, who happens to be on the building board. Therefore, plans will be processed easily, and accepted without problems. Peter is also saving us money on the architectural costs by supplying the architect CAD drawings for my project which is a free service he provides. I sincerely hope you give him the opportunity to bid on your project, or at minimum, gain valuable information from him. Peter can be reached at 705-302-5425, peter[at]

Diana, no matter how much we know about building it doesn't necessarily apply to Belize. I have had to really dig to make sure my project was done properly, and at a fair price. You had mentioned the paint price in Mario's estimate, and mine also came back very high from him. Peter's was spot on, almost 40% less, using a favorite of yours Sherwin Williams, the Loxon XP. That got me to dig deeper into the process, and that's how I made my decision. Sorry for my lengthy response but, I wanted you to know everything I learned, and how I arrived at my final decision.

Best wishes,

Never can have to much information so no apologies needed I will reach out to him thank you give me a call when you can I would like to speak with you sometime prior to departing in May xxx Your number to please.  Diana

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My number is xxx

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Sorry your number does not come through can you email me to:
xxx must be some privacy protection thing I would like to speak with you over this weekend thank you.

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I sent both number through which you can reach me.

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I get that. Thanks

I tried Axxxx and had a very bad experiance. Would definitely NOT use him, he is slow arrogant and not ver y good at  drawings.

Much appreciated.

Hi Rayonthebay

Belize is a different ball game when it comes to building homes than you are probably used to, there can be a lot of pitfalls,

It may be that you do not require an Architect,depending on what you plan to build

Basically do your homework or hire a 'Professional Consultant' to oversee your dream project, depending on your own ability and/or availability will determine the scope of involvement you may need someone to be involved with to advise & consult with.

Some of the things a consultant could help with
*Project/Site Management
*Planning, CBA/PUC Permits
*Cash Flow
*Quantity, Materials/Valuations
*Quality, Materials/Workmanship

All the above have their own pitfalls, a good consultant will smooth the way.
Drop me a line I can point you in the right direction
Relax-Slowdown-Live Longer

Fortunately, I have overcome the obstacles and have enlisted an excellent builder, and architect. Thanks to all for your assistance and advice.

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Hello Ray,

Good for you if Peter Maurmann gave you satisfaction because from what I know, there are people in Consejo not so satisfied with his work. For sure, he has not lived in Consejo Shores for over a decade, 5 years at the most. He built some ugly condos on the shore that did not sell for years and are now for rent.
Maurmann is part of the canadian "mafia" who comes here to make big profit. These people do not come to Belize to retire or work honestly for a living. They receive a pension from Canada but still want to take advantage of this country to make as much money as they can and some of them are real crooks (I know people who got ripped off). I would not give my hard-earned money to people like that. New expats beware!

Canadian Mafia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Oh this sounds so good,,,,,,,,,,,,,
OK, just so you know I live in Consejo area, Iam not Canadian and have been coming and going for about 15 year now
I have never heard of any international mafioso group in Consejo
How would one know if they are Mafia, do they have a certain look about them, do they wear gang colours that I could look out for
please give me pointers because I've never met a mafioso gang member before and I would love to meet one

I can see you have a good sense of humour...

Lol Yes, it helps in Belize

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