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Dear Croatian Expats (the real ones.. not the ones like me who are only dreaming of becoming expats living in Croatia ;-)  ).  ---

Is it spring yet?  How are things going for you?  Do you feel like you will ever integrate into Croatian society or will you always be a little bit apart?  Or only hang out with other expats?  ...  What are Croatian politics like? Is democracy alive? is everything super corrupt but no one cares? ...

Let's hear from you.. whatever it is you have to say...

we're interested!


You are right, the forum is quiet. The new member thread seems quite active but people don't seem to come back to start new threads very much.
My life has been turned upside down by the Brexit decision, as I no longer know if I have a long term future in Croatia. Even if I'm allowed to stay it looks like I might get my UK state pension taxed to the point that I can't afford to live here. I don't think I could pass the exams to become a citizen so I don't know where I will end up.

That's very upsetting news.. (as was the news the day Brexit passed.. I stayed up all night listening to BBC 4 during that one)..   Good luck to you whatever you decide.

Best wishes,


So sorry to hear that. I've spoken to another expat from UK who's been negatively impacted.

@Karmester we just left Split yesterday and came back to Sarajevo for a while. Monday we sat outside wearing light jackets enjoying the spring weather while looking at the sea--something I can't do in Sarajevo.

Do I think I'll ever integrate into Croatian society? Only as the Californian cousin (which is technically who I am) and that's ok. While my name screams Croatian-married-to-a-Bosnian my true identity is obvious the moment I try to string a sentence together. The best I can do is embrace the language in order to integrate more gracefully. This is true whether I am in Split, Pula, Opatija, Mostar, or Sarajevo.

Politics is a sticky subject and money and connections still talk. As much as Croatia wants to separate itself from being a Balkan country their politics (and geography) say otherwise. (Just my impression.)

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