Where to Purchase Pioneer Home Audio In Surabaya


Can anyone tell me where I can buy Pioneer home audio products in Surabaya Indonesia.
Specifically I want to purchase an integrated amplifier. Is there any particular place in Surabaya that sells higher end Pioneer audio products.


I have absolute no idea, but you can ask Pioneer

http://www.pioneer.co.id/idn/others/con … ndex.html/

Actually I tried that. I used their contact form but received no reply. Maybe I should try again but this time make the inquiry in Bahasa

I noticed Best electronics had some Pioneer stuff, that suggesting they might be able to get other types.
Your best bet is still the contact above .. if they reply.


Would that be Best Denki


Adding more info, in Surabaya there is a alternate good electronic shop, it is Hartono Elektronik, https://www.hartonoelektronika.com

You can browse and online order
They have 5 store located around Surabaya city

Did you actually have a specific product in mind?

If you know what you want you should try the concierge service at Kufed to get a quote.

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