Where to get good teak furniture from -


I am keen to set-up furniture in my house and as such interested only in teak as a long term purchase, I understand most of the branded stores like Informa, Vinoti, Vevere etc do not sell Teak and mostly sell MDF etc, where can I get branded teak furniture from or if there are any good highly recommended teak furniture shops,  addresses, I will be grateful.


No idea personally but you could look at these

Hopefully they might be some help.

Hello I'm Ari,I have friends she good n can make furniture by request n she have many furniture from best woods,she have too many furniture from recycled wood.. ***

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Semarang and Jepara are the place for you, you will find whatever you need and at way cheaper price than any shop in bali

Thanks a lot, these are helpful.


Hoping you buy it from a sustainable source.

Jepara is very well-known for its furniture.

Thanks all.

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