Anyone hired immigration lawyer/agent in Sao Paulo or Florianopolis

Any recommendations please. I feel I will need a professional's help when I arrive for the child passport and permanent residency issues when I arrive. Did someone try a good agent/lawyer in any of the 2 - Sao Paulo or florianopolis? Thanks.

Any answers here?!

I just completed my entire Brazilian citizenship process and the biggest mistake I ever made was hiring a lawyer.

Majority of them don’t know anything about the immigrations law and they will pretty much just give you a print of things from the Justica Federal website or the Policia Federal website

In addition to that there is only 1 lawyer who I find knowledgeable about immigrations and his name is Sven and he used to be based in São Paulo.

I couldn’t utilize his services as my entire process was based in Florianopolis.

If you have anymore questions please feel free o ask or send me a PM

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