Norte-americano ..explicando porque odiou o Brasil

i don't  believe this is written  by north American but who knows … map=%5B%5D

With no idea who came up with it and the comments from whoever published it, it's pointless rubbish.

I think is interesting and most of the  descriptions  are true , but at the same time i believe it is written by Brazilian.. just to make some noise on the internet and create discussions.

lol....I gave up after number 20. ....very long list

I had a typical Brazilian experience in the Kilo place yesterday, so I'm getting my food and these to idiots are just standing having a conversation blocking half the spread and totally oblivious to everyone else trying to squeeze past them to get there food.....and these are educated guys.

Something like this happens everyday.....usually multiple times

I'm from the midwestern US and have lived and worked in SP for about 8 years.  To me, this sounds like a typical list of complaints by a North American, but as someone else says: it's rubbish.  Some of the things are true, but it looks to me the guy had actually very limited experience here and there are many, many good things that aren't pointed out ... even some of the criticisms are just simple value judgments (e.g., he doesn't like the food ... my God, what does he want? The stale packaged and frozen food that's common in the US?  He can get that here if he wants, but apparently he didn't know that and had to suffer with boring, fresh food).  So, the writer doesn't like Brazil ... .  Wow.  Many people do and I'm one of the many.  Cheers, JMc

I agree with you....I havn't spent much time in the USA, but these behaviours are common in any big city. I agree the food thing is a bit ridiculous

I saw the same exact post several time overs the years. It has been recycled regularly by people who wants to create a viral post and it works.
Well, they are actually some true points, some other wrong or stupid.
In the past I agreed with most of the points, no I don't!... I think I am becoming Brazilian.
For example: I love super cold beer.

Skol ? Itaipava ? Brama ?

Among other things, the one thing that irritates me most is how people walk on the sidewalk without regards for others. Sometimes you see three guys walking side by side on a narrow sidewalk and they won't move to leave space for the oncoming if you should melt or disappear for them. Well, my reaction depends on my mood. I've barged into such people a couple of times before. Other times, I just chill and step onto the road

I´ve been here for years and I agree of the points well taken. I´d like to add some more:

1. If you´re a gringo, don´t move to a very small town. You´ll stick up like a sore thumb and the locals are usually suspicious that you´re running away from justice from your own country. Police was sent to investigate at my residence in Pomerode and Benedito Novo, Sta Catarina. Better to live in a bigger city like a population of 160,000. Police would require that you report to their headquartes first, show ID before staying put and reside. Remains of dictatorship in Brazil...

2. Don´t park at night close to elite or gated communities especially along beach areas. Residents would be suspicious of you as a thief or a criminal and they would call the police to investigate. Your car will be probed and opened without probable
cause and any evidence even if illegally obtained without your permission will be admissible in court. This country is not the US.

3. Any promises from any Brazilian should be taken with a grain of salt. Most don´t have a word of honor and lies and deceipt is common practice - even among acquiantance or friends.

4. Whatever you do, DON´T LEND ANY MONEY. Scores of people owe me money and
for years I haven´t seen a penny paid.

5. As long as you pay the beer, you´ll have lots of friends.

6. Don´t linger and stay too long in bars. Brazilians who are drunk are very aggressive and you can easily be misunderstood where a fight can easily ensue. Their justice system is very inefficient and slow. If you´re older it´s difficult to defend yourself against younger guys because you are not anymore allowed to carry a firearm in public.

7. I f you´re buying a real estate, do it alone without a Brazilian partner. One abandoned
the partnership after a few months and I was left holding the bag. The owner of the land then broke the contract and now I filed a lawsuit and has been pending for 6 years now.

8. If you buy a real estate, do it with an imobiliaria with a contract drawn. Don´t do it with the owner privately because they don´t usually hold up to their promises. Everything should be always in writing. Make sure also that the land they´re selling you has a passageway to the property and not lanlocked where you have to traverse other properties before reaching your property. Many properties are like that and Brazilian owners don´t usually tell you. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

9. Brazilians really dislikes people who contradicts them. If they offer that they bring meat to be barbecued to your house you should agree to "SHOW RESPECT". And so with
what they´re telling you. Make sure you pay attention and AGREE to what they´re telling you and again to show "RESPECT."

10. Many Brazilians if not most don´t like that you´re above them in wealth and resources. So don´t talk about money or achievements if possible especially in bars where there´s alcohol involved.

11. Be carefull of choosing your friend. Many if not most are opportunists.

12. Life is difficult in Brazil. They steal any item that´s been made easy for them to pilfer.
One time someone stole my hammock and my slippers along the beach.

13. Brazilians DEMAND respect by all means but they themselves disrespect you routinely. Many if not all only thinks of themselves.

14. Many Brazilians drive without license or irregular paperwork. A guy wrecked my car´s door with his
car with illegal paperwork a few months ago. He begged that I don´t call the police for a "boletim de ocorrência" because
his car is not legal and it would be towed away with corresponding fines and points against his driving
license. Because of pity I did not, as he promised he would pay and repair my car. My car was for 3 weeks languishing in a garage he recommended without being repaired and after giving him 4 estimates with other shops he opted for the cheapest one. My car´s door was repaired but I had to shoulder all the expenses for the repair as he gather the amount. The guy since disappeared and did not pay. A lawsuit is pending at a Juizado Especial Civel (small claims court) but the justice system at this time is unable to locate him to serve the papers. LESSON: i SHOULD HAVE CALLED THE POLICE
and to hell with that irregular paperwork. He should not be driving in the first place!

I can go on and on but I think I made my point. THIS IS BRAZIL and not the US! You have to be flexible and clever to live in Brazil. You´re fearless because you´re smarter!


I can agree with the majority of your points Robal! However, I've experienced lawsuits involving an American usually go pretty fast because they think you have a bunch of money.

Yes, there's bias as Brazilian authorities would like to show that they're protecting
their citizens against Yankee imperialists who
are arrogant and disrespectful to their role of laws. Look what happened to our swimmers
that came to the Olympics.

Robal, while you may have good points, the activities of guys like Lochte is not something to be proud of. They messed up and LIED!!!

Oh you mean the case goes faster because a rich American initiates a case?

Everybody whatever nationality goes to their very slow justice system... Judges have 3mos
vacation per year!  No wonder nothing gets

Both parties lied - Brazil and the US but the reaction of the Brazilian authorities was
exaggerated. They wanted to extradite Lochte. How many extraditions did the US
requested from Brazil that were all turned

I get your point. What I'm saying is don't make this a Brazil vs USA thing.
Badly behaved adults deserve whatever they get.
And falsely accusing the security personnel of another country of offenses of such gravity should involve extradition. We all need to respect any place we find ourselves.
That's my point.

This is not a case of USA VS Brazil thing. Respect
is for all - whatever the nationality. But Brazil
has negated extradition of their citizens that
have committed serious crimes in the US.

Ok. So, since Brazil wouldn't extradite her criminals to the USA, we all should misbehave as we like and not expected to be extradited. At the end, we can put it down to Brazilian greed and hatred for gringos. Laughable.
Have a great day gentlemen.

Brazilian greed and hatred for Gringos? Laughable? Not at all. You should look at how the case evolved. According to the reports they did not even enter the bathroom to vandalize... They urinated at the back
of the toilet! And I´d believe that they were at gunpoint by the security officers of the gas station to extort money. Now, that´s robbery and a crime punishable by law.

Extradition for vandalism? Common!

If they really messed up like you said, where´s the extradition that you would like to happen?


You missed a point there about Lochte..  I don't think Brazililians have any issues with American. The public reprobation was because, it is was the well known case of the rich man or the famous one breaching the law and getting a favorable treatment from the justice system....It happens everyday here and people are quite tired of that.
Also, there was not much interesting news or records during the last Olympics, so the the press jumped on the story of "the famous american swimmer" making a mess at a gaz station".

Well, during Lochte´s incident a lot of people at places I frequented commented a lot about an arrogant American again belittleing Brazil as usual and disrespecting the laws of the land. They cited one famous incident at an airport where an American tourist from New York showed his middle finger with his passport as he was being photographed for identification purposes by the Policia Federal. He went to prison and was fined R$30,000 for the offense. There were more instances they cited as American offenses against the "downtrodden" Brazil and they reason that they relate better with the European Union, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, China etc. Some of those countries are not favorable to US relations and they do more trade with them.

I really feel bad when Brazilians I know, talk like that in my presence everytime unfortunate incidents about an American in Brazil happens. I really feel that american reputation has been continuosly in ruins not only here but abroad. A lot of nations has lost confidence on the friendly, reliable and respectful american.

Those example of incidents I cited above must have had a big influence on their local authorities by the way they handled the Lochte case. They´re cracking down on another gringo disrespecting their land and lying to them.

Lochte did not have a favorable outcome at first as Brazil threatened to extradite him.
Extradite? Would you surrender your boys (olympic heroes) to a country that disrespect human rights? One example: Many times they did not honor their extradition treaty with the US by negating extradition requests for serious crimes committed by their citizens.
They should be paying more attention on the 13 murders per day (more than 5,000 per year) in Rio during that time, rather than creating an international incident  committed  by an intoxicated American. They should have paid more attention of how they could
obtain the funds to pay their police officers which they were short of. I´m sure there were crimes committed by other nationalities during the olympics. Why an American
being showcased in a drama?

Why the reaction? I think because of prior histories. And Brazil does not want to be pushed around by any superpower.

But at the end, both appeased each other - Lochte in tears apologizing and Brazil lowered their rhetorics, dropping the case and declaring that there was no crime committed because he did not initiate the crime report but the police.

Overall, I still see Brazil as being a leftist government, and does not like a lot of american

Anybody can label it as USA vs Brazil or other description. I don´t care. It´s your opinion!


I have read the "hate list" and, other than the food thing, I didn't see any lies.
The two things I miss from Brazil are the food and the fruit.
Robal, after the leftist president took office it became "fashionable" to let the US have it.  People who haven't the slightest idea about how committed Americans are to their promises, how generous and concerned with their neighbors they are, how honest and frank about their opinions and how obedient of the written and unwritten laws of a society, are quick to bash the US and its people as "imperialist mongers".
Of course there are imbeciles.  Every people has them.  I have had the unfortunate experience of meeting people such as Steve Wynn, a very rich individual who thinks anyone of lesser means should lay down and become his rug.  But I also met very rich people who would go out of their way to greet you, to make you feel welcome.
All the things that you mentioned I have experienced and noticed.  In addition I observe and quietly make my restrictions to how Brazilians (of course not all) have a need to show off any item that they find it to be "exclusive", how the women insist on wearing clothing that will have Dolce & Gabana or Armani or Prada labels on it, preferably on the outside.
I simply do not watch TV in Brazil.  It will be soap operas, Big Brother. reality chef or some other idiocy on.  I enjoy soccer some but I also enjoy NFL... well never mind the TV.
I have had my family here but after 3 years I sent them back to California.  I couldn't be comfortable with letting my 2 teenagers and my baby boy out without me, whereas in California I feel quite comfortable.
The truth is that it's not only Brazil.  I lived in Mexico for a while and it is the same rigmarole.   Someone in Mexico asked me why couldn't we live there.
I told the person, who lived in a beautiful home, with bars covering his windows, electric and barbed wires, that when he travelled with his family some guys broke into his well protected home and cleaned it.  I California we live in a very nice home, in a quiet street, we have no padlocks in the backyard gate, no bars in any windows, no wires of any kind nor even the smallest wall between the garden and the sidewalk... and no one has ever even tried to break in our house.  To me that alone is reason enough.

You must be a very lucky guy. Those mass shootings in the US though seem to be the rave. I'd be worried about that.

Well, the number of people harmed during all rampages in the US for several years seem like a normal day in Brazil, except those were concentrated in specific places, while in Brazil it is mostly divided between Sao Paulo and Rio.

Not true, my friend, not true.

Deliberate lie or lack of info?

www. gunviolencearchive. org/

Brazil and the USA belong in the bottom rank of gun safety index list. The USA is only 3 spots above Brazil, with only Uruguay and Panama between them.
I'm not Brazilian by the way, but I work here for now. I just think we should all do the best we can for humanity and stop with the fake categorization, stereotyping and spreading untruths from our very narrow views of issues.

Lanre2, why start arguments? This is a place to express your experiences and to give advice / guidance to others. What did you expect when you spouted off. Let's keep it to what it's intended to be on here.

Spouted off? You don't think you're outta line?
If this is a place to express opinions, why is it wrong to have a diverging opinion to Pinto's own. He claimed false 'statistic' and I called him out on it, why do you have a problem with that? Giving guidance to others includes making false statements?
Let's all keep it civil, please.

Express all the opinions you want...keep it civil if you can. I think that will be hard for you to do. Plus he didn't state any statistics. Just said that there is a lot of gun violence in SP and Rio...which is a true statement. Probably very compatible to Chicago, our most liberal gun control city in America.

Keeping it civil won't be hard for me. Condoning untruths however is, irrespective of the purpose.

''the number of people harmed during all rampages in the US for several years seem like a normal day in Brazil''......that's 'statistical'.

Have yourself a good day.

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Ok. So, since Brazil wouldn't extradite her criminals to the USA, we all should misbehave as we like and not expected to be extradited. At the end, we can put it down to Brazilian greed and hatred for gringos. Laughable.
Have a great day gentlemen.

This individual likes to do pot shots and put words into someone else´s mouth.
You should pop back to your hole if you can´t be of benefits to members! We know you´re not from Brazil and from Nigeria! I hope that your hole is connected to that country and  swallows you back  coz it appears that you brought that hostility here!

If you shit on your pants everytime there´s a shooting you should not be in Brazil! Go back to Nigeria if you think there´s no violence there! Common! You should look at your country´s statistics before
opening your mouth! … ?cid=21604 … in_Nigeria … -nigeria-3


Hahahahaha! Very civilized American. Great example of good conduct for membership. You are welcome robal.

Your own medicine must be hard for you to swallow - YOU very civilized Nigerian! I called
YOU on your comments the last time and you shirked on your responsibility to respond!

What a great example you´re doing on this forum!


Ok, I won't be dragged by you. First, you need to work on your comprehension ability. 
I wasn't abusing Brazil on this thread, rather reprimanding the person who falsely exaggerated the crime rate in Brazil and made a false comparison to the USA. You probably did not read the thread but jumped on me because we differed from your take the last time.
The last exchange I had with you was no call out. It was  that you shouldn't defend Ryan Lochte because he lied. And  the fact that Brazil does not extradite to the USA is no reason to encourage bad behavior. Re-read my post that you quoted above.
If anybody country-bashes, that would appear to be you.
And yes, I am from Nigeria. I don't think the world of her. But I do not go about bashing my host country (or any country for that matter) and using unverified stories and numbers to justify the put-down.
Have a good day.

OK, you are right, I exaggerated.  Nonetheless, I was not trying to present a statistical truth, just throwing a number.  The actual number of homicides per day, between Rio and Sao Paulo, is only 22 deaths.
Now, I do hope you understand the difference between being at some gathering and a nut case walking in and spraying bullets all over the place, versus walking down the street minding your own business and being suddenly pushed and shoved, all your belongings taken and then being shot, just because you weren't quick enough or something.
I know someone who had a neck chain pulled from her at the entrance to the subway.  The next day she was back at the subway and someone cut her in the neck saying "next time make sure the chain is gold".
I know someone else who was robbed 17 times, fortunately by some nice guys who didn't shoot him.
I have no idea if you have ever been in the US or has had any experience there.
You would find it a whole new and strange experience.
I am in Sao Paulo presently and today, as I was going down stairs to get into the subway, at Praca da Se, a big but "lady" on her late 20s or early 30s, bumped on to me causing me to stumble down some 10 steps and crash land at the bottom.  No even a sign of concern on her face as she walked away barely looking at me, but I managed a "stupid cow" as she walked away.   In the US I would likely have to fight off strangers trying to get me an ambulance while helping me out, with the person who bumped me possibly in tears, asking what could he/she do to make it up to me.

Comprehension ability? Reprimand? No callout? Encouraging bad behavior? Me country bashing? Using unverified stories and numbers to justify the put down?

You must be on opioids! I read the post completely! Reprimand? That´s a rather strong
word like coming from a very high authority! Be careful and go back and learn the English language proper connotations with regards to this situation!

No call out? I asked you questions but you shrinked out and opted not to respond! Go back up and read to improve your comprehension of the English language!

Encouraging bad behavior? YOU made this up on your mind and you should not put it on me! You love to put words into peoples mouth and minds!

Me country bashing? I´m just giving everyone the facts! This is a FORUM to inform others so they know what they´re dealing with! Did I hurt you because you came from a thirld world country? Did I say
Nigeria is a shit hole to insult you?

Using unverified stories and numbers to justify the put down: I have to tell everyone what I saw and read according to daily news and my experiences. Just don´t put things on other people´s mind that I
I´m a liar!

Did that answer the case so we can set aside this topic? Don´t waste anymore of everybody´s time!


Hey Ron!
Thanks for responding back.
If you felt my initial response was sharp, I apologize. I place value on true representation and a lot of people do not see anything wrong in slight alterations.
Back to the subject, I fully understand the experiences you recounted. They are truly commonplace in Brazil. As a foreigner, I know how things work for foreigners here too. Despite that, I try to give the country a break. Bad elements exist everywhere and we need to just address that. I have had the luck to move around. Europe, Africa, Latin America.
I have been to the US, yes. Was even in Olympia, Washington this past August. I understand the cultural differences and how it may be difficult to accept what we have here for you guys from the States. However, I never subscribe to bashing a country, simply because NO COUNTRY IS PERFECT!
For CraigF and robal who took it personal and attacked me, they know what their deal is. And robal shitting on Nigeria cos I`m from there is a bad look on him, not on me. We can argue issues all day long.
By the way I`m in Sao Paulo too. I`m an Immuno-oncologist at Hospital das Clinicas. You wanna hang out one of these days, just drop me a message.
Keep being cool man.

Looks like you´re not an immuno-oncologist since you have too much time to shoot a shit on people. Now that looks bad for a professional like you!

What do you think of the CART technology DOCTOR? How about HALO for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma? How would you subvert the neoplasms from sending messages to macrophages and T cells that they´re normal instead of malignant? How would you stimulate apoptosis in cancer cells to self- destruct?

Can you make an argument that the reason for cell mutation leading to malignancy is because of messenger RNA not copying the right peptides for cell division, or the leading cause is just a generalized inflammation?

What do you think of RNAi technology for cancer cure?


Hey Robal, you a scientist or something?
I see you are from California.  Where?
I am LA, but loved living in the Desert (Rancho Mirage and later North La Quinta).  Would like to return but my wife can't take the 120 degrees in Summer.

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The Azores are amazing, I love it there. Flights to main land Portugal are pretty cheap.

I lived in Phoenix for 5 years, the surface of the sun. Loved taking trips to Mexico, SD & LA.

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