Norte-americano ..explicando porque odiou o Brasil

i don't  believe this is written  by north American but who knows … map=%5B%5D

With no idea who came up with it and the comments from whoever published it, it's pointless rubbish.

I think is interesting and most of the  descriptions  are true , but at the same time i believe it is written by Brazilian.. just to make some noise on the internet and create discussions.

lol....I gave up after number 20. ....very long list

I had a typical Brazilian experience in the Kilo place yesterday, so I'm getting my food and these to idiots are just standing having a conversation blocking half the spread and totally oblivious to everyone else trying to squeeze past them to get there food.....and these are educated guys.

Something like this happens everyday.....usually multiple times

I'm from the midwestern US and have lived and worked in SP for about 8 years.  To me, this sounds like a typical list of complaints by a North American, but as someone else says: it's rubbish.  Some of the things are true, but it looks to me the guy had actually very limited experience here and there are many, many good things that aren't pointed out ... even some of the criticisms are just simple value judgments (e.g., he doesn't like the food ... my God, what does he want? The stale packaged and frozen food that's common in the US?  He can get that here if he wants, but apparently he didn't know that and had to suffer with boring, fresh food).  So, the writer doesn't like Brazil ... .  Wow.  Many people do and I'm one of the many.  Cheers, JMc

I agree with you....I havn't spent much time in the USA, but these behaviours are common in any big city. I agree the food thing is a bit ridiculous

I saw the same exact post several time overs the years. It has been recycled regularly by people who wants to create a viral post and it works.
Well, they are actually some true points, some other wrong or stupid.
In the past I agreed with most of the points, no I don't!... I think I am becoming Brazilian.
For example: I love super cold beer.

Skol ? Itaipava ? Brama ?

Among other things, the one thing that irritates me most is how people walk on the sidewalk without regards for others. Sometimes you see three guys walking side by side on a narrow sidewalk and they won't move to leave space for the oncoming if you should melt or disappear for them. Well, my reaction depends on my mood. I've barged into such people a couple of times before. Other times, I just chill and step onto the road

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