Norte-americano ..explicando porque odiou o Brasil

Wonderful!  Congratulations on your achievements and your fantastic commitment.  You demonstrate what real Americans behave like.
My mom lived in San Diego, near Mission Bay,, and I like SD as very much, while it is my wife's dream town.  I take it we'll be moving there when I finally return to the US.
Although we enjoy walking and eating around the Seaport Village area (we have had lunch at the Top Gun restaurant once), I think we'll choose to live either at the Mission Valley area or Rancho Bernardo.
I have a cousin living at University City (?), near La Jolla.  Real state is expensive but doable.
An excellent town with great quality of life, in my opinion.
Again, congratulations.

Thanks Ron. All the places in San Diego you mentioned are top notch! Yes, it´s one of the most expensive cities in the USA when it comes to real estate but be assured that
you will have no metal bars on your windows to keep away thieves or criminals. The quality of life and amenities are there to please even the most picky customers! You´ll live peacefully with the tranquility you mentioned as in LA!


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`You must be on opioids`................. ok, you are a specialist to know that

Reprimand............use the dictionary, check synonyms

I asked you questions but you shrinked out and opted not to respond! ........ I have more important things to do than continue unprofitable `back and forth` once my point is made

`Encouraging bad behavior?` ........that was about the Ryan Lochte episode

`Me country bashing?`.............. Because Nigeria was not the topic, but Pinto compared USA and Brazil which I contested the numbers. You had to bring in Nigeria to make it personal.

`Did I hurt you because you came from a thirld world country?`................ No you didn`t. Nigeria is a third world country. I am proud to have come from there and be where I`m at.

`Using unverified stories and numbers to justify the put down`......... .that was about Ron Pinto and not you. You wanna make this about you at all cost, be my guest.

Can you see your comprehension issues now?

`You can`t be an immuno-oncologist and have time to be shooting shit`..........Read the thread again and see who was shooting shit. If I contested your argument, that`s not shooting shit. And yes, I am an Immuno-oncologist

`I´m a liar` said it, so you probably are.

Ron Pinto admitted his exaggeration. He then clarified his arguments. My point is made. I`m totally cool.

Your sarcasm is not lost on me. I don`t owe you any answers. You wanna talk professional, there`s a tone for that.

Yes, Robal, I know.  I have lived in many places in the US, like LA, the California Desert, Phoenix, Houston, a others for a little while, but never had I lived in a house with bars at windows or security doors.
I know such houses exist, particularly in Latino neighborhoods, but those are not places I would choose to live.
I have been to San Diego innumerous times and I know the city.  It is a very pleasant "large" city with the small town feeling.  I know we would be happy there.
Again, another coincidence:  You were in the Navy and I was not, but my son, the youngest, has decided to join the Navy and has just passed to the next phase of the Naval Nuclear Power Training Course.  He stated that it was the toughest challenge he has ever undergone, having to study around 16 hours/day, but he made it to the next level, my beloved Petty Officer Third Class.  So proud of him.
Best wishes to you.

Where are your explanations immuno-oncologist DOCTOR?!!!!

Comprehension issues again? It´s my mother tongue! Is it yours?

Big deal on Ron Pinto! Congratulations.

That´s it. Poor, poor patients!

And what exactly is a professional tone? Should I hold your hand as I push you to a cliff DOCTOR?

Hey, I didn´t want to flash my credentials. Ron asked me first! YOU did, like coming from a higher
authority! You should tone down your arrogance!


Wow, my congratulations to your son! Is he going to be a submariner?


Hi Robal,
He is still thinking about,
He had his mind set on subs until he heard that the minimum dive time would be 2 weeks, at which point he decided on carriers.
As he learned more, he found out that carriers do not have air conditioning in the control room, while subs do, so he is thinking about it.

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Sorry Ron & Craig for the interchange with that "immuno-oncologist". If this ceases out, I will stand down from battle conditions!

Ready? Execute!

I´m now calm and peaceful and hope not to be disturbed AGAIN!


Well, once he is done with his training, in about 1 year, that is when I will start worrying about conflict.  I hope the little chubby  man isn't crazy enough.
One way or another he will do well. He is a very disciplined, responsible and honorable person, as I always taught him.
Be well,

Very good Ron. There are 3 battlegroups
down there now close to the Korean Peninsula with our navy - 3 aircraft
carriers, cruisers, destroyers and a nuclear
submarine. I hope that the conflict won't start
and if it does, it should be over soon within a maximum of 2 weeks... It will be effective, devastating  and very overwhelming!


I despise war.  I despise that politicians and other interests send our young to die for their own reasons.
Having said that, I have the utmost trust in our military and I am sure there is already good strategy and tactics in place for such a unimaginable event.
Nevertheless, it worries me that the only way China and Russia will stay out of it, maybe, is if the stupid chubby little one attacks first and, if he does and his capabilities claims are real, where will it happen and how deadly will it be.
I have read that his army (foot soldiers) is much larger than ours, but I am sure that no invasion would take place until most of it is gone, by means of missiles and air raids.
Three carriers represent about 250 combat aircraft.  In addition there are the long range bombers, that will fly from not too distant air bases, and all that would make it for a very deadly strike force.  Nonetheless, I worry and am concerned for each life of each American kid involved, as well as the young North Koreans who will have to obey the orders of a nut case.

Where are your explanations immuno-oncologist DOCTOR?........Read and comprehend; you are having real problems with that. I already said I do not owe you any answers.

Comprehension issues again? It´s my mother tongue! Is it yours?.......Yes it's your mother tongue; that's why the sense of entitlement blocks your reflection.

And what exactly is a professional tone? Should I hold your hand as I push you to a cliff DOCTOR? are the troll to troll all trolls. Ride on.

Hey, I didn´t want to flash my credentials. Ron asked me first! YOU did, like coming from a higher
authority! You should tone down your arrogance!.......comprehension again. I was telling Ron we could meet in Sao Paulo. An anonymous online profile is not sufficient to extend an invitation. It was nothing directed at you. Make it about you, how you are intimidated by my 'flashing my credentials'.

At the end of the day, shame on you! Ron admitted his exaggerated account (which was my intial response before you and the other guy jumped in). That's a REAL MAN. You wanna turn this into 'juvenile online battle', find another dance partner.

You are a really funny guy. And you seem to have a lot of time on your hands. Learn to relax and feel the world around you. Diversity makes the world go round. And you are no more in Iraq. Chill; drink some Coca cola!

And it continues...anyways Robal and Ron it is always a pleasure talking to you.

As long as Kim Jung Un´s faculties are intact it would be suicidal for him to start a war.
The only way he will be forced to do a pre-emptive strike is if:

1. He miscalculates the movement of American forces and allies
2. There is really a huge gathering of naval forces and increased readiness by American and South Korean forces across the Demilitarized Zone coupled by rapid evacuation of American dependents and the South Korean populace.

Kim will have 2 weeks at the most to inflict the most casualties to Seoul and South Korean and American forces after which their dwindling supplies of fuel and ammunition will diminish their capacity to fight to an eventual stand still. Artillery fires, naval bombardment by huge cannons, B1 and B2 bombers from the Air Force, F-16s, F18s, F22s, F35s and the dreaded Warthog and AC130 gun ships will all be at play. The 2 weeks fighting should result of at least close to a million casualties as war experts calculate. When Kim determines that he is living on the land, he will have no recourse but to use his touted nuclear missiles as his last hurrah which of course will be shot down by Patriot missiles or the Aegis Missile System from battle ships.

If conventional weapons are used in the war, it will be very hard to obliterate their
missiles housed underground by Tomahawks from battle ships to bunker busters from USAF bombers. The most effective method would be the use of Special
Forces like the Navy Seals or the Army´s Elite Delta Force.

If the US and allies do the pre-emptive nuclear strike then the vehicle of destruction
would be rapid, devastating and conclusive.

Trump has been doing a great job convincing China to pressure North Korea to cease
their nuclear ambitions. He is also seeking Russia´s influence as a help to denuclearize
this hermit country and it seems that it´s working. We should hope for the best. I believe
that with recent developments, Russia and China would not join North Korea if a war breaks out. At first, before these developments, engaging a war with the North
could precipitate to a third world war. North Korea, China , Russia, Iran, Syria would be
together and US and NATO together.

So we should hope for the best that we could bring North Korea to the negotiating table
through the help of China and Russia. These 2 countries have duties and responsibilities
to the world not to mention their own benefits as neighbor of a nuclearless country!


Of all the medical textbooks that I read, your hallmark is that of OCD with paranoid,
schizophrenic delusions.

You should quit your kindergarten dispositions!

I thought that we were over this already! Should we play the band everytime you do your discourse,
DOCTOR? Are you losing sleep because of words that you perceive as insults does come repetitively
in your mind? Is this the reason why you keep insisting for a war of words with me? Then I would add
PTSD as another part of my diagnosis!

Don´t waste my time!


'Ron Pinto posted on the thread Norte-americano ..explicando porque odiou o Brasil on the Brazil forum. Yesterday'

OK, you are right, I exaggerated.  Nonetheless, I was not trying to present a statistical truth, just throwing a number.  The actual number of homicides per day, between Rio and Sao Paulo, is only 22 deaths.

The truth will set you free. Learn to focus on the topic at hand. Now you can have the last word.

Thank you Craig, likewise.

Thanks Craig. Your a wise and a good man...


Robal, Lanre 2, in the words of the "legendary" Rodney King, "can't we all just get along?"

Lanre2, when I said "only 22 homicides/day" I was being a bit sarcastic.  That number, by no means deserves the word "only" before it.
Perhaps in my comment, instead of saying "just a normal day in Brazil" I should have said "just a normal 2 or 3 weeks in Brazil (likely less than 3 weeks).

I am sorry that I am in the middle of all this discord.

All of you guys, be good, be well, be happy.

Hey Craig,
I lived in Phoenix for a while, in fact I bought a townhome just South of Bell, on Tatum.
My wife used to like the town very much.  She did study at the College there for a while.
But I left to go live in Mexico because I got a highly profitable project with Tequila Cuervo, about the stupidest move in my life.

We lived in Surprise and loved it! It had every major sport, was within driving distance to Vegas, LA, SD & Mexico. It was warm year round and if I wanted snow I could drive to Flagstaff. Plenty of things to do! If a relative or friend visited it was a mandatory trip to Grand Canyon. I thought about moving back, but the opportunity to live in Brazil was more appealing now.

Well Craig, you lived near Luke AFB.  Nice jetfighter views.
We used every chance we had to go to the Grand Canyon, preferably by way of Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, a beautiful drive.  I was told that Copper Canyon, in Mexico is larger and prettier than the Grand Canyon.  I took the train ride and it doesn't even get close to the Grand Canyon.
Yet, my favorite place on earth is the Yosemite National Park with its breathtaking mountains around Yosemite Valley.
Isn't it amazing how many incredibly beautiful places are there in the US?
I have driven up and down PCH 1 in California, been to Bryce Canyon, Zion, Lake Powel, Yellowstone (returning from there I saw the amazing Lake Bear, with swimming pool like water), and there are still so many places that are on my list.  Got to go back and see those.
Be well


What is the average summer temperature n Surprise? Did you happen to work at Nellis in



I've prepared my bucket list to do for quite a while now before leaving  this beautiful planet and its now overflowing and I sometimes wonder if it will ever be done.

The more I look, the more places I'd like to go to. I just hope that the ONE above grant me an
extended stay to see all of them!

Be good and prosper!


Thanks to my type of work I have been to more places than the average person around the world.  I have seen great places, beautiful places and some that, although not qualified as beautiful, brought me peace.  One such place was in the outskirts of Valencia, Spain.
Unfortunately, when in business I travel alone and feel guilty for seeing things without having my family along, so I stick myself in a hotel room mostly.
I do want to go to many places, but I want to make sure that my family will be with me then.
By the way, on your question to Craig, I believe the average temp in Phoenix in Summer was 90 or 95 degrees.  I does, however, reach 120 at times during which periods the jet flights are grounded because the air is way too hot to be further compressed by the turbine's heat.

I do hope you will be able to fulfil all the wishes in your bucket list.
Be well

Yeah Ron the 120 is high but it´s dry. That in Brazil, I agonize a lot especially when I´m at the beach.
You get the salty sunburn and stress with a lot of noise around you (very loud music from boom boxes)!

Was there a particular spot that you liked very much in Valencia?


I do hope so! I´m taking care of my health the best I can. Thanks.

Ron was spot on with the temperatures. Hopefully we don't get called out for being a degree or two off. I was an aircraft mechanic instructor at Luke for 5 years and did more than I can count on both hands work trips to Nellis. I think the Azores is the most beautiful place ever. I have a lot of places I want to go to before I kick the bucket.

If you know Valencia, as you exit the city towards the Mediterranean Highway North, close to the Valencia Soccer Stadium, and drive about 5 or 6 minutes you will see a small place called Puebla de Farnals.   We were having dinner at a restaurant by the plaza one night and it incurred to me that, should my children be with me having finished dinner and had asked to go play at the plaza by themselves, I would have calmly allowed them to do so.
I was always a super protective dad, always looking around and going with all "what if" possibilities in my mind.  I was that relaxed at that place.  Certainty of safety...priceless.

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I am sure that you have been to a lot more places than I.  In Europe I worked in Spain for several months, with a 5:1 rotation (weeks) and took a couple of weekends to go see Paris and Rome.  Taat was it.
I wanted to make sure that Paris is beautiful, and I must say it is.
In Rome I was in awe of the fact that I was walking on stones that had been stepped on by the Roman Legions, by the emperors and so on, at the Via Apia. 
Been to Australia and was stunned to see how orderly, clean and organized was the city of Brisbane.
Other than that and Canada, it is Latin America, at a bunch of places.

You also have travelled well. I had the habit of taking overseas vacations every single opportunity.

I´m now feeling that breeze again lightly kissing my cheek. I must go to my wine cooler and open me an Argentinian Malbec as I´m feeling the very good life and celebrate!



Well, cheers.  Enjoy it.

I've seen about half of western Europe, Most of  South Africa , Egypt and Israel, dived in the red sea, a good Portion of Brazil , a few quick stops in Argentina, spent a week recently exploring New York and been diving in the Caribbean twice, first to San Andres and providencia and then to Bonaire (dutch Antilles ) in September.....still a lot I need to see ......Sardinia looks pretty awsome

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