Procedure to bring new born baby from Pakistan to KSA


Anyone can guide me the procedure to bring newborn baby from Pakistan, my wife already having Valid Aqama.

what is procedure to get visa stamp from etmad Lahore.

did you bring your new born baby,  if yes please assist us, i have also plan to bring my baby to Saudi arabia in march, me & my wife have Saudi vaid IQAMA, you face any issue @ the airport ??

My friend bring last week from Lahore, it is easy and fast way, nothing is required, only buy ticket and passport of baby. Please keep original iqama of Mother when reaching at at Saudi Airport.

Kindly tell me the whole procedure for bringing new born to Ksa visa on arrival
Documents required for boarding from Pakistan.?

Which airline allows to board?

Any update as i am also looking for some feedback who has experienced.

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