New members of the Tanzania forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Tanzania forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Tanzania if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hello, I am Mohab. I am an engineer from Egypt and this my first week in Tanzania :)

Hi I'm Jeff and I'll be heading to Iringa in March.  I'll be helping with my grand kids as my daughter and son-in-law attend language school. 
I'm looking for suggestions:
1. Ideas on "adventures" suitable for little guys (3 years old and younger)
2. Items I need to bring from state-side that might be hard to find locally
3. Clothes to bring
4. Cell Phone/internet situation in Iringa (suggested providers).

My kids are locating long term in Arusha after language school...I'll be exploring for just 3 months this time around.


Hi everyone! I'm Stella from Tanzania, seeking to create a bright future for my self, Tanzania & world at large, I'm begging ua cooperation

I am new too.. well, kinda...

Change of plans.  The language school raised their prices over our budget.  We're now going to be in Arusha.

where is everybody from tanzania?

it depends on where exactly are you going to stay..i have been in Iringa for more than six i know places,which part of iringa are you guys expecting to visit?

Hi Everybody,
Many thanks for your acceptance to this webpage.
I am a Tanzanian, 59 years Old, living in Tanzania, though I have travelled a lot to many countries.

I am an entrepreneur in property - land and housing.
Also in Mining and Gemstones trade.

For all the Expats here and out there, Welcome to Tanzania.

All the Best.

Hello, you all welcome to my city, Dar

Mambo! My name is giovanna and I moved to Dar in october! I am originally from italy but have been living in London for 5 years! Looking for new friends and events to attend!

My name is salvatory am living in Tanzania arusha city
Am also seeking for friends

Hi all!

My name is Amanda and I'm 29 years old from Canada!
Last year I visited Tanzania twice (for a total of 3.5 months), and I have fallen in love with the people and culture.
I am currently in my last year of study. I will graduate with a Bachelor's in International Relations come August 2017.
I am hoping that once I graduate, in the following months I will be able to find a job in Arusha, Tanzania.

I'm wondering how difficult this will be! It doesn't need to be my dream job (which is to work for an NGO), but something to get me in the door/ in the country.

I'm trying to brainstorm other positions I could fill with my limited Swahili knowledge (although I will be studying more frequently over the next months).
Any suggestions? Hotels? Tourism companies?

I have 2 years experience with a local NGO in my city here in Canada (which partners with an NGO in Nepal)... but otherwise, I don't feel very specialized in any one field. However, I have an extreme passion for helping others, as well as living abroad!

Looking forward to perusing this forum more :)

Cheers from Canada,



My name is Nadia, I am 24 almost 25... I've recently moved back to Tanzania from South  Africa. Currently doing some volunteer work at Juj Mukti yoga studio in Dar es Salaam.

I am a psychology graduate waiting to write my board exam in order to start practicing as a Registered counsellor.

Thank you admin for the add. Iam interested in Ayurvedic couses

Welcome to Mukti, we are located in Masaki on 73 Haile Selassie road, diagonally opposite Nirvana apartments.

Hie All

I am a Chartered Accountant CA-Z and CA-SA with more than 10 years experience in finance and auditing.

I have occupied very senior positions in finance up to the current one as Head of Finance in charge of 22 employees currently but it used to be 34.

I am looking for expart positions in Tanzania and East Africa and even central and West Africa.

I am contactable on *

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sounds great..its better if we sometimes hang up together and exchanging some ideas...i studied psychology too but not that deep

thats soooo good amanda..i am also a voluteer too..tanzania is a good place..i would love to see you back in tanzania after you have finished your studies
lets keep in touch then

Dear Arushians

I will be moving to Arusha for 3 months in March. I am a clinically trained psychologist ***

I am originally from Australia but have spent the last 7 years in Germany with a number of trips to Tanzania and Rwanda in recent years.

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Hi everyone! Um yvonne from tanzania,,, um actually seeking to create a brighter future for myself and the world at large

Hi members, I am Maria here in Dares Salaam with a Ugandan origin. Delighted to be on this forum.

Cheers to you all

hello Giovana...I will be happy to be your friend. ..Welcome to Tanzania

If anyone needs a friend ., am right here, feel free to send me a message. ...Welcome to Tanzania. .!!

Hellow Amanda looking forward to have you back

Hellow members an environmentalist health expact from Tanzania have. A wonderful day

I am a Science Lab technician, working in Arusha,in a reputable international school,,....Its a very extensive connection... Just be free to contact me..

Hello All,  I'm Rabin and my family and I are moving (in April) to Dar from Bangalore, India.  My wife is a psychologist and I'm a banker, we've got two tweens (5 and 8). Thus far our visits to Dar have been lovely, the schools, housing etc, all seem pretty good and the every one we've met have been very warm and welcoming. 

I do hope we can connect with folks here through this forum, as we look forward to exciting move which is just around the corner.

HI there,

I'm Muhammad from Egypt, I'm a documentary filmmaker, I'm planning to move to tanzania (not sure where exactly) to search for new projects, and in the meantime I'm planning to start NGO as film school.
I play music as well, I play accordion.

so far arusha seems best place to start the film school, and my documentary projects will be around all of tanzania (dar, zanzibar, arush .. etc).

Hi.. Hopefully you fine my name is Salvatory Paul am living in arusha Tanzania. For something like your project, music etc I would like to help u!
Thank you


Do you play football? PM IF U DO

I am glad to read that you will be in Arusha now, are you still in Arusha?

Hallo.. Im Shaboka, a Tanzanian living in Mecau, you most welcome.

Hi Giova,

I'm new to Dar, been here just one month & looking to make new friends!


Welcome to Tanzania... We can be friends for a while cose iam goong to travell in the next few weeks

Hi , I will need also a friend when I come, if any one willing to be a friend just let me know. I'm coming Wednesday 31/5/ 2017.

Jambo Expats!

I'll be living in Stone town for June and July 2017, and would love to find some fellow explorers to enjoy this town and island with.


Fifi LaFierce

Am very great full to be part of the Team, Am paschal born and still live in Tanzania. with my age of 29 i have a long way to learn different social and economic issues that will act as catalyst in transform life of people within and outside my country.

am living in Dar, we can meet and am sure you will never regret

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