New members of the Tanzania forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

My name is Martha suleyman kibwasali.
I am form Tanzania

Hi guys am Devid leaving in Arusha looking for friends  to share ideas and hang out sometime s for a coffee or drinks to socialize
Also am hoping to meet my mr right in here.

MalaikaArusha :

My name is Marta, I am new on this web (does it have any mobile app?).
I was born in Poland and since I fell in love with Tanzania (and one Tanzanian ;) )  I live between Poland and Tanzania. In few years I'm planning to move finally to Tz.
Currently I work on a part of Malaika Project of
I am in love with networking so feel free to talk to me, together we can do more  :cheers:

Hey Marta my name is Monika O am from Lithuania, let me know if you are interested in meeting up!


Hello Dear
I am Ali an Iranian man for business in Tanzania,
I am an Electrical Engineer and my Experiance is on Power Plant ,
I will be happy guide me any things you know and it to be useful for me,
Thanks for your kindness and Hope to here you,
Take Care

am interested in meeting up new people...lets keep intouch

Hello everyone I do come to Dar occasionally from the UK on business trips. I am in Dar just now and was wondering if anyone is free for a drink and dinner on me this weekend. Please hit me up

Hello everyone !
My name is Justin,I live in Zanzibar!

If you are planning to make a visit in Zanzibar your warmly welcome!
You make ask anything about Zanzibar

Hi ! I am Mary, I am from the Philippines and I'm in Zanzibar for a month. Most of my trips was always in the mainland and now hope I can relocate properly and meet new friends in Zanzibar.

Hi! I am Wilfred I am an accountant...

Came back to Tanzania in 2015 after  more than 30 years in the sub region!


Hello guys!
I am a german student (social work) and I after spending 6 months in Moshi, I want to go back and live there. I am very interested to find a job there, so if you know someone, that knows someone ... Please contact me. Also I am very thankful for every help and advice regarding moving to Tanzania.  Thank you!

Hi All and Salaams to my fellow Muslims,
I'm a Swedish retiree, who recently married this Lovely Tanzanian Lady. Currently living in Madeira, I'd like to divide my year, half and half btw. Madeira and Arusha. Hoping to leave for Tanzania at the end of November.  I wonder does anyone know if there's like a special Visa for ppl married to a Tanzanian ctizen?
Grateful for any pointers. :)

Hey glovanna

Karibu sana,Warmly welcomed.

Hi Members,

I am Dio, please let me know if you need any info from Tanzania, I will try my level best to avail it to you.



Hi Patrick,

Are all these machines you have mentioned , duty free when you import them?


Hi emexng!

How did I miss this offer from a business man, next time please txt  me -ahahahaaaa!

hello,I am Ugandan too,nice to meet you.

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I will get I touch with you

Hi there I am from Zimbabwe possible moving to Tanzania next year. Trying to find out about cost of living. Thanks

Great to join this platform, looking forward to networking with expats and locals. I'm moving to Dar es Salaam end Jan 2018 for business and it would be my first time there and I am very excited.

Hi everybody,
I'm Edward, managing director for Nyanda Africa link Ltd, the company that provides volunteering and internship programs would like to welcome other people to work in one of our projects in Tanzania. Here a computer project going on in morogoro region at maasai village, where we need more experts to help teach computer basics at our centre. You will get free food, accommodation and airport pick upon arrival at the airport in Dares salaam. We also invite experts from the world to join us as company partners, we still need  more laptops for the kids. Reply me for more information about our projects.

Welcome to Tanzania feel free to contact me as your guide a friend looking forward to meeting new people

hello there. welcome to Tanzania. the cost of living here depends on which region you decide to stay. Pleas feel free to ask questions.

Zarziespook :

Hi there I am from Zimbabwe possible moving to Tanzania next year. Trying to find out about cost of living. Thanks

hello  there. welcome to Tanzania. the cost of living here depends on which region you decide to stay. Pleas feel free to ask questions.

Hello everyone,

I will be moving to Tanzania in near future and I want to make progress in my career in this country itself.I am a mechanical engineer along with more than 3 years of professional work experience.I am currently working in pump manufacturing company as a quality analyst.

Can anyone please suggest to me that what will be the probable career path that I will be following in Tanzania?How work culture in manufacturing industry in Tanzania is?

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Can you please tell me how engineering industry in Tanzania is culturewise?

It will be of great help if you can tell me few companies which are considered to be good engineering companies in Tanzania.

Thanks in Advance.

Hello Giova am Kibwana i was born and raised in Dar es salaam.Am easy going and friendly if you are a night owl we should hangout sometimes :)

Hello out there my name is Kibwana i was born and raised in Dar es salaam.Am newbie here looking forward to meet new friends and help out to sort out small matters.If anyone need help concerning anything in Tanzania or any quaries I'll be there to give a hand:)

Hi Mary am salvatory living in arusha Tanzania if you available just hit up me

Hello everyone!
Im Amin from Iran. I have been in Zanzibar in July, Im planning to travel there in a month or two. this time for longer stay, and looking after a job to cover my stay!
any comment and suggestion is highly welcomed!


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