New members of the Dominican Republic forum, introduce yourself here – 1st quarter of 2017

I will look for the new thread

Bob K

I will look for the new thread

Bob K

Hello!  Newbie here!  My husband Dave and I have just started some serious planning for moving to Las Terrenas when we retire, and purchasing a home now to use for vacations and a rental property.  We'll be there 6/21 - 6/30 and would love to meet as many expats, particularly from the US, to get some first hand information on making the transition, purchasing property, income taxes and anything else we really need to know!


Congrats on your purchase and life style change.  I am on the north coast but not in the country at that time as we will be visiting family back in the US.  Let me know next time you are here.

Bob K

Welcome. I will be here but not in las terrenas. I am about 3 hours away.  Happy to meet you if you this way.

Lots of answers to your questions on the various threads. Start reading and dont hesitate to ask questions!

No purchase yet - our first house hunting trip is next month.

Happy hunting!

Bob K


My husband and I are have been to DR many times, and have been doing a lot of research online, but will truly begin our journey towards relocating when we visit Las Terrenas next month and start house hunting. 

We are still at least 4 years away from retirement, but want to purchase a home we can use for vacations and as a rental property until we're ready to move down full time.

We'll be arriving on 6/21 and would love to meet expats who can share their knowledge with us!


Charlotte, NC

Welcome.  Unfortunately we will be out of the country then visiting friends and relatives in the US.   In fact we will be flying to Charlotte to make our way back.

Good luck in your search


Welcome Denise. I am 3 hours from there but you never know when a road trip is in my future!!!!

You can contact me anytime we went thru the FIASCO of buying a home and hour away from you. And DONT bring your car, buy one down here TRUST ME on this

Hello I'm new here in Dominican Republic.  I'm a religious student from Nigeria

Welcome.  Where did you move to in the DR?

Bob K


I'm in Santo Domingo


Anyone from Nigeria?

Hi please start a new thread, this is for "welcome"   Thanks!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I am Marat, a new member here as I plan to move to Sosua/Cabarete area. I currently live in Vancouver, Canada and work remotely from home as a Russian interpreter. I plan to visit Sosua/Cabarete in August for two weeks first in order to feel the place and check the things out. While visiting, I would like to find a suitable place to rent for 4-6 months when I come back there in November/December for a trial stay. Maybe it will lead to a permanent move to the DR. I hope so!

I have lived in different countries and I do appreciate an "international vibe" so I would prefer to live in an internationally-oriented residential neighborhood. I am looking for a one or two-bedroom furnished condo/apartment.

Do you know of any secure, nice and friendly condominium/residential complexes in Sosua/Cabarete area? I would appreciate it if  you recommend me a few good, decent places that I could check out in person when I be visiting the DR in August. However, there are some specific requirements for such a place due to the nature of my job and personal preferences:
- this place has to be in a quiet area (birds singing is OK, but not loud street noise, loud music, etc.).
-reliable high-speed internet (cable connection a MUST, not Wi-Fi), AC, some stability with electricity and water supply 
- preferably in secure, friendly residential community
- walking distance to the ocean (10-15 minutes on foot is OK)
- tennis courts in close proximity - a BIG bonus

Do you know anything  about the Gardens of Lomas Mironas residential community?

I would greatly appreciate any your feedback and recommendations. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience and helping people to make the moving transition easier!

Welcome. I have answered your other posts. You should have no problem finding what your are looking for on your August visit.

Bob K


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