New members of the Australia forum, introduce yourself here – 1st quarter of 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Australia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Australia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Actually i want to visit Australia, spend few weeks and come back to Vietnam. Then if it's good for me i can plan to relocate.

Hello Guys,

Thought I would say hi as I am moving over to Sydney in June this year. Moving over by myself and the whole thing is a bit scary but I'm also excited an dlooking forward to it. If there is anyone else that has moved over by themself or is going to move over on their own, give me a shout.

Cheers, Trevor

My name is Mohamud Ali am a kenyan I would like to move to Australia inorder to get a better life and a good job

Hello guys,
I will visiting my younger brother in Perth from 8th February 2017 till 6th May. So i would like to visit around Australia a few days to Sydney (going on the end of April), Melbourne, Gold Coast… learning more about new cultural, good foods, nice sightseeings, nice beaches, dancing (salsa, bachata, kizomba...). I hope to meet new friends and will have a great time with you there. See you soon!


I am from Grenada, and currently study here in Brisbane. Would love to meet other Caribbean expats or people new here.


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Gemma here. Husband has been offered a job in Victoria with his current employer. We have two young children - 4 & 5. Seriously considering the move from the UK but lots to think about.

Hey, I am Olivia, been living in Australia for nearly two years. First Sydney and now Melbourne. I am a freelance writer and am enjoying all that Melbourne has to offer now that both my children are in full time school! Yay!

I am Mohammad from Afghanistan, living in Kabul, I want to immigrate to AU through skilled worker programme.

Dear Mrs Wilson
Hope you are doing well

I'm looking to create new relationship in Australia, I have intended to move to Australia next time, hope to be my first friend over there that if you don't mind.
Hope to here from you sooner


Hello every one!
My name is Adilson, Im from São Paulo Brazil!
I joint expat because I usuallly need native voice for voice over jobs!
If you live in São Paulo and seek for this kind of work feel free to contact me!

Hello,my name is Nadia

I am 45 years old
Marco my husband is 54.

We wish to live in australia.
We have 5 children and i am starting to analyse how i can manage all this.
My husband has no time .
He is a caterer.
So this is my job.
Actually i spoke with somebody from Perth,and the place and the people attracts my a lot.
First i was thinking about Melbourn,but know i am looking more for Perth.

My first question is about my parents.
I really need to take them with us.
It is impossible that i leave them here in brussels.
So,is there somebody who knows the laws about immigration of older people?
I will try to find a job for my husband .
That shouldn't be to complicate.
But for my parents ,it is super important to find a solution to take them to.
Who can help me with this?
Thank you in advance.

Hi all,

Been here in perth for almost 7 months.

Looking forward to meet new friends.


I am Bazzie b.Sackie from liberia want to learn more about Australian cultural,their skills training network,to experience their way of life and getting to know new people

Hi everyone I'm Siham I'm from France and currently in Australia in Canberra (North Canberra).
I started my 4th. week here and it's a little be difficult for me here alone since I'm far from buses.
If someone wants to talk or makes new friends feel free to contact me.

I think I will be moving to Sydney, Brisbane or Perth

Hola a todos!
Estamos por viajar pronto a Melbourne con mis tres hijos! Mi esposo ya esta alla hace  meses con una visa de estudio.
Estoy interesada en aprender mucho de su recorrido por este proceso de migracion.
Necesito apoyo para inscribir a mis hijos en colegios alla, las edades son 3, 8 y 11 años.
Estamos en contacto.

Holà edith
No ablo espagnol mucho pero frances  ingles italiano y luego intentaré hablar en espagnol.
Se necesito que entrata contacto con las escuelas por registrar tus hijos por saber si quedan plazas vacante.

Espero tu respuesta.

Hi everyone,

I am currently staying in Singapore but will move to Sydney end of the year with my husband and daughtee due to his job relocation. Want to know more friends preferably housewifes where we can share more cooking tips or company for shopping :)

I am planning to move and will move to Saigon in a few months. I plan to say bye bye to Melbourne as it doesnt fit me anymore....never has. It is more a married with kids scene if you are my age of 38. After living in London, Miami, Buenos Aires, Tulum, Praia da Pipa, Ios, Eilat, Barcelona, Vilinus, Prague and Dublin, I can't help but continue to keep seeking more homes abroad. Life is too short if you have cabin fever from being in a rat race and world now designed for rich sxxxs. Hugs.

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Shane Roberts, feel free to post on the Saigon forum where you will be able to interact with members already there or planning to move there.

All the best,

thanks Bhavna, will do

Hi guys,
I live in Melbourne. But for some reasons I have to move to other country for some years.
Sometimes I feel I bit boring out there.
Hope I can find joy here.

Hi all...
I'm Jessa 30 years old currently living in melbourne been here twice and i want to meet some friends here around melbourne.

Hi all, new member here, just signed up as I have a few questions, not about Thailand as I have been there many times, but in particular Anzac Day at Hellfire Pass.

Hi guys. New to the group. Moved to Sydney 6 months ago. Wanting to meet new people and make friends.

Nancy473 :


I am from Grenada, and currently study here in Brisbane. Would love to meet other Caribbean expats or people new here.


hey...i am Dennis currently in Perth looking forward to meet friends,
really liking the place and the weather.

Thank you.

Hello everyone.  I would like to meet new cool people in here special from Brisbane because i love to make friends and like to join community  to spend good time with some awesome people

Cheers 🍻🍻  :up:

Hi Everyone,

I am new member in this forum. I come from Indonesia and moved to Brisbane to live with my husband on July last year. Looking forward to meet new friends, especially Indonesians who live in Brisbane area.

Hi all , my name is Rosemary Kaul. I have applied for a visitor visa to Australia and I am required to maintain arrangements for health insurance coverage for 12 months period of stay in Australia.
I stay in  Ban SOKPALUANG Vientiane LAO at present. How can you help me.
Regards .


I am from Saint Lucia(the Caribbean) and I'm currently looking into applying for a scholarship to study in Australia however most schools I have tried don't offer services to international students.



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