Transferring money back to USA

Hi, we are currently living in a small town in NE China. We have attempted to send money back through a bank here but they hadn't done it before so they were afraid to try. I have attempted to set up a Chinese Paypal account but had issues linking up my Unionpay card. So our next attempt will be to send money through Western Union-closest one is in Shenyang. Has anyone used this route? What about in Shenyang? Please Advise!

The only way I know to easily send monry is from a bank account. If you are employed by contract with a Chinese or international company, you should be able to open your own account snd make transfers from it...but it's not easy, and only four or five Chinese banks have the authority.

Any Chinese citizen can open an account and is allowed to transfer up to $US50,000 per year. That's really the easiest way to transfer money: ask for a Chinese person to open an account for you and then send money on your behalf. 

It is a hassle, but best way I've found.

I have experienced the same issue.
I am trying to send money back to Europe but it is not that easy.
Some people suggested me to open an account at BOC Bank of China. This bank allows you to have an account in USdollars or Euro so when you make a transfer you pay only the transfer fees and nothing on the exchange rate.
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