Move to DR and work my Internet Business

I am conversing with a nice lady,  38  yo,  I am 63 Yo

I am semi-retired and have a new little Internet Business that I am launching in the New Year.

I am planning a trip in the early summer to DR  to meet her and see what I  might need to do to set-up a small business situation in DR.

I have been quite successful in the past on the Internet, doing Social Media and SEO consulting; definately do not need lessons.

Thinking of setting up and live in Santiago or Puerto Plata /Sosuaareas, been these areas several times before
So any thoughts???
Can I just move to DR  marry my girl and just do my Internet Biz  or do I need to really  set-up  biz in the DR

I have legal proprietorship in Canada now for this and others,  Bank accounts etc.

My biggest concern is securing a very re,liable and fast internet connection.  Have laptop will travel

ALL my technology and ops are from heavy duty secured servers in Houston  USA.  just need good access.

All thoughts and ideas welcome

It's certainly possible, and also very possible to get a good internet connection. Those are likely the least of your worries. I'm sure others will go further in depth, however, residencia process needs to be started back in Canada, after your marriage (if thats the route you want to go).

But I think the more pressing issue is that you should reconsider thinking about marriage so soon when you have not even met this woman. Simply "moving in with your woman and marrying her" - while it may seem like a great idea - please think carefully about your future.

There are many stories here on this forum, you can read them yourself and come to your own conclusions. But realistically, time is the only thing that will teach you what you need to know about a person. Be careful who you tie yourself to. Not trying to be negative - I would just hate for you to get taken for a ride.

Welcome to the forums.

Residencia should be started at home in anticipation of your move, you don't need to wait until you are married.

Have you actually met this woman? How much do you know about her? Would you be planning to marry a Canadian woman you had not yet met?

On that front -take it slow. She isn't going anywhere.

Move here, open you business, get to know her, get to know the country etc.

Business you may or may not need to open  business here. You may want to though!!!! There is a lot at stake.

Where you live depends on your needs Santiago and the north coast are very different.

Tell us more about your chosen life style?

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