Where to find good craft beer in Saigon ????

Hey guys
I love trying  new flavour of  beer from many different countries , espeacially craft beer. Does anyone of you know any where I can enjoy a night out , having some great craft beer with friends in town ???

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theres a craft beer festival @Saigon Outcast next weekend.

When we are talking about beer, as a freshman I dont have any knowledge about local beer. What about the quality of the local beer? Can anyone recommend any local labels?

You can try so many kind of craft beers at Biacraft in D2, or they have a bigger branch in D3. You can easily find it on facebook or google it to find the exact address. Enjoy some cold beers then.

In hcmc, we have 333, Saigon Lager (Saigon green), Saigon Export (Saigon red), and Saigon Special are popular labels. Saigonese drink them a lot. And to me they taste pretty good. And cheap as well :)
We also have Ha Noi beer and Halida, but it tends to be used more in the north.
You can give them a try. Hope to hear feedback from you.

Thank you, I will certainly try thelocal beer, not to many glasses eac time though :) I will give you feedback on the result.

Thank you so uch. I heard about that festival b4. I probably will drop by there than.

I am Belgian so I do know some about beer ;)

Look for big man..fantastic and pasteur..excellent partic the dark.

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