Australian products at supermarket

Hello all!

I was just wondering if anyone has stumbled upon Tim Tams or other Australian biscuits in any supermarket around Saigon? I want to buy some for my colleagues to show them, but haven't had any luck as of yet..


You could check foreign supermarkets like in basement of Takashimaya (D1) and Giant (D7 Crescent mall). I know I've seen vegemite and Cadbury fingers somewhere.

Giant supermarket in Crescent Mall, District 7, has Tim Tams.

Was there yesterday and bought some

Tim Tam or any ozzie stuff:  you have a look at some shops on Ham Nghi street I forgot the shop name
try from this shop … 106.704034

Thanks for the tips guys, I made it to Takashimaya in D1 and had great success :)

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