buying a car in belgium and importing it to malta

am thinking of getting a car in malta, but i discovered cost of automobiles in malta is quite expensive. i have a friend in Belgium who can purchase the vehicle for me and transport it to malta..... i would like to know the cost and paper work of duty fee, registration, getting a car plate number and insurance.... in other to compare buying a car here or buying somewhere else in europe. thank you!

This has been discussed here before... Best if you search the site using the search box (magnifying glass) on top of the page.

Also, check the Transport Malta website: … individual


Bringing my car to Malta from the UK. Best  to visit the Malta gov web site  for the documents & requirement needed, be prepared for a lot of documents required.

thank you guys for the info... i have done quite some research about it, i dont think its worth it, unless you are ready to bring your car from your country and exempt the registration tax, then the paper work is a whole lot of time and mess.

Seems like this only applies to cars that you have owned for 24 consecutive months, prior to moving to malta?: … 134728.pdf

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